United Kingdom WAP Users Flock to Jumbuck

    Jumbuck Communications has extended its reach into the emerging United Kingdom WAP market with the announcement today that the majority of its portal users are from the UK. Jumbuck Communications has been operating its Mobile WAP Portal since January 1st 2000 and in this time has become the world's leading free independent mobile phone internet portal.

    "UK users are now dominating Jumbuck traffic and are taking advantage of the English language content, world focus and the wide range of services available. Until Jumbuck, UK users had limited choices due to the Scandinavian focus of most WAP sites. Jumbuck recognized the need for an English language focus to suit users in the UK and US WAP markets," said Adrian Rischmueller, CEO of Jumbuck. "UK mobile phone users have been quick to adopt WAP and SMS compatible devices. This reflects the potential for UK based news and commerce services to be world leaders in the emerging wireless internet market."

    Jumbuck's Mobile WAP users have free access to many useful services including:

    In the next month Jumbuck will add extra services to its WAP portal including reference tools, support for more auction services, web tools for developers and the second generation of its WAP Chatroom.

    "Jumbuck has a sharp focus on the new WAP medium and has built user services that are useful and simple to operate. This has lead to a loyal user base which has grown sharply by `word of mouth' since January," said Rischmueller. "Jumbuck's aim is to be the most practical, interactive and entertaining website on the wireless web. By achieving this we hope to outperform the major Internet Portals, many of whom have just joined the WAP playing field. "

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