w-Trade Technologies Makes Integrated Mobile Shopping, Ticketing, Entertainment, Auctions and Information a Reality

    First-to-Market Leader Adds Nine New Wireless Application Products for Cell Phones, Pagers, PDAs and Handheld Computers

    w-Trade Technologies, the company that pioneered wireless trading and banking, today introduced nine new wireless application products that will allow mobile device users the ability to shop, purchase tickets, make reservations, participate in online auctions and receive up-to-the minute news, sports, weather and other information using any handheld wireless device. These new products include w-Store, w-Travel, w-Dine, w-Auction, w-Ticket, w-News, w-Sports and w-Weather, all of which work on virtually any wireless network globally and a wide variety of mobile handheld devices including the 3COM (Nasdaq:COMS) Palm III(TM), Palm IIIx(TM), Palm V(TM), Palm Vx(TM) and Palm VII(TM) organizers, Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) Windows CE-based handheld devices, one and two-way pagers such as the RIM (Nasdaq:RIMM) Inter@ctive(TM) pager, personal communicators like the (NYSE:NOK) Nokia 9000il Communicator and cellular phones.

    These exciting new products are part of the world's first comprehensive Wireless Commerce and Wireless Content Solutions, and can be easily deployed by any business within weeks. This announcement follows the company's recent launch of its comprehensive suite of Wireless Financial Solutions, consisting of its market-leading w-Trade and w-Bank products, as well as w-Cash, w-401k, w-Research and w-Alerts.

    "Since our inception, the goal of w-Trade Technologies has been to enable the world to conduct any type of business transaction and receive all types of information on any wireless device," said Donna R. Oliva, CEO of w-Trade Technologies. "With our Wireless Commerce and Wireless Content Solutions now on the market and available to businesses worldwide, we have done just that."

    The company's Wireless Commerce and Content Solutions are made up of a comprehensive set of application products that can either stand-alone or work together as a fully integrated and branded offering that any business can easily deploy. Since applications can be used in unique combinations and are easily customizable, organizations can quickly implement their own personalized wireless business solutions with minimal cost and time to market.

    The Wireless Commerce Applications

    The w-Trade Technologies' Wireless Commerce Solution includes the following applications, which can be used alone or in combination with any other w-Trade Technologies' application:

    The Wireless Content Applications

    The w-Trade Technologies' Wireless Content Solution includes the following applications, which can also be used alone or in combination with any other w-Trade Technologies' application:

    w-Trade Technologies' wireless application solutions are built on the company's core wireless application platform, which provides a scalable infrastructure for adding more applications in the future. Each of these applications can be easily adapted, combined, or integrated to build virtually any wireless solution for any mobile business need.

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