Webraska and Alcatel Demonstrate New Street-Level Maps On WAP Mobile Phones Using Positioning Technology

GSM World Congress - Alcatel Stand F13

    Webraska Mobile Technologies, the world's first provider of real-time traffic information, maps and navigation on WAP mobile phones, and Alcatel demonstrate a new service that relies on positioning technology to display mobile phone users' location on a map, to provide information on facilities surrounding them and to guide them to their destination using directions and maps. This service is being demonstrated on Alcatel's stand through the HomeTop(TM) Solutions Location Server, at the GSM World Congress held in Cannes, France (2-4 February 2000).

    Using advanced positioning technology developed by Alcatel and powered by the HomeTop Solutions Internet portal, the demonstration will show how mobile phone users can choose that their phone be located and then be able to visualise their position on a map and query the phone for a list of the nearest facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, parking spaces, etc depending on their preferences and profile. Once they have chosen their destination, users will be guided to it with written directions, maps indicating the full itinerary as well as section-by-section maps that change as they move towards their destination.

    The demonstration will both rely on Webraska's AskAway(R) Internet platform, combining street-level digital maps, traffic and facilities information, and Alcatel's positioning technology through the HomeTop Solutions Location Server, a low-cost solution that enables locating a mobile handset subscriber without any network infrastructure change. It is based on SIM Tool Kit technology, works seamlessly with SMS or WAP, and allows an accuracy of up to 150 metres in urban zones. Mapping data for the demonstration will be provided by Tele Atlas.

    "This demonstration shows the powerful combination of positioning technology such as Alcatel's and real-time mobility services such as Webraska's. We are convinced that real-time positioning, mapping and navigation will become the foundations of all mobile e.commerce applications," commented Jean-Michel Durocher, CEO and founder of Webraska.

    "Proximity services are the killer app for today's mobile Internet. HomeTop and Webraska have worked together to combine the best of the Internet and mobile telephony so operators can give their customers access to local information and services - wherever they may be," added Denis Attal, Managing Director of Alcatel's HomeTop Solutions.

    About Webraska Mobile Technologies

    Webraska is the world's first provider of value-added real-time traffic information, maps, and navigation services on mobile internet phones, turning phones into co-pilots. Webraska's goal is to provide a flexible and complete alternative to CD-rom-based car navigation systems, using its patented Internet-based Distributed Navigation. Its customers are telecom operators wishing to reduce churn rates, earn new revenues and build a strong brand by addressing their users' basic mobility needs such as "Where am I?", "How do I get to my destination by car, public transport or on foot?", "Can you guide me safely to my destination?". Originally developed in partnership with leading French mobile telephony operator SFR, Webraska's services are built on carrier-grade quality digital map servers designed to support millions of subscribers. Services include WAP access, Java-based call-centre interfaces, XML queries for IVR systems, SMS connectivity, internet personalisation, support and visualisation. Webraska's services are available to subscribers of SFR in France and KPN in the Netherlands. Webraska has also established partnerships with Trafficmaster in the UK, Tele Atlas, Alcatel, Phone.com and In-Fusio. The company is headquartered in Poissy, France and has offices in the UK, Belgium and Spain. It recently raised <128> 10m in venture capital from Apax and Argo Global Capital. For more information visit www.webraska.com

    About HomeTop Solutions

    The HomeTop software suite is a cutting-edge suite for applications enabling operators and ISPs to offer their clients Internet access from any fixed or mobile Internet terminal. Alcatel also creates customised solutions based on the HomeTop software suite.

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