Wipro enters into a Strategic Alliance with Symbian for Mobile Computing

    Wipro Technologies, a global software services provider entered into a strategic partnership with Symbian, a company engaged in creating the standard platform for the next generation wireless devices. Wipro will set up the Wipro Symbian Competence Center to drive development of a wide range of Smart phones and Communicators.

    Symbian is owned jointly by Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Matsushita and Psion, all leaders in the mobile computing and telecommunications industry arena. Symbian is setting the defacto standard for wireless computing, licensing a software platform for Wireless Information Devices (WID), as the next generation of mobile phones. Under this partnership, Wipro will offer Business Development, Engineering and Project Management skills to Symbian and its licensees.

    "We're creating skilled third party resources to enable rapid product creation of Symbian based Communicators and Smartphones. Acting as an extension of Symbian's organization, the Symbian Competence Centers are independent companies who have the skills and expertise to manage, create and develop products in close cooperation with Symbian's licensees," said Juha Christensen, Executive Vice President, Symbian. "This new initiative demonstrates our commitment to evangelize opportunities for the wider wireless community, with the end result of growing the mass market for Wireless Information Devices."

    "The Wipro Symbian Competence Center will strengthen our integrated service offerings for the emerging Mobile Computing market," said Dr. AL Rao, Chief Executive of Global R&D Division, Wipro Technologies. "By adding Symbian competency to our expertise in the areas of VLSI/System design, Embedded Systems and Communication Technologies, we have enhanced end-to-end product realization services for complete product development."

    Wipro is currently engaged in a number of activities around Mobile Computing. "We have demonstratively speeded up product development for our Telecom equipment vendors through offshore software development services," said Ramesh Emani, Chief Executive, Telecom Division, Wipro Technologies. "This partnership with Symbian now will help us offer end-to-end solutions to both equipment vendors and telecom service operators in the emerging Mobile Applications market."

    The dispersion of competence, innovation and knowledge about the Symbian platform that the Symbian Competence Center program represents, will speed up innovation, product development cycles, market targeting flexibility and availability to the end user of WIDs. It will cement the Symbian platform as the new world standard, powering the heart of the wireless community.
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