Wireless Cellular Phone Email Gateway OfficeServant.com Announces Innovative WAP Applications for Valentine's Day With CellCardZ!

The Cellular Central portal at OfficeServant.com is proud to announce in time for Valentine's Day the latest innovation in web based applications for WAP cellular phones; CellCardZ!

CellCardZ allows WAP cellular phone users to zap an electronic greeting card directly to another WAP cellular phone!

CellCardZ is preprogrammed with an extensive database of greeting cards WAP enabled users can edit on their cellular phone on the fly. Once satisfied with the greeting, the user can send it to another cellular phone in seconds.

Want to send the one you love a heartfelt greeting? Or perhaps congratulate a business partner on winning a new deal? These are only a couple of the CellCardZ greeting categories available immediately at the Cellular Central WAP portal at http://www.ofsv.com/.

Be it business or pleasure, CellCardZ has the greeting. In line with Cellular Central's multi-lingual service, the greetings are soon to be offered in French, German and Italian.

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