Wireless MD Provides Physicians' with Wireless Retrieval of Electronic Medical Records Through an Agreement with Masterpiece Technology Group, Inc.

    Wireless MD, Inc., the leading wireless connectivity solution for the medical community, today announced a strategic marketing alliance with Masterpiece Technology Group, Inc. (OTC BB:MPTG), a developer of medical software solutions. Through this agreement, Wireless MD will have exclusive access to Masterpiece Technology's five hundred registered physicians and remain the only wireless provider Masterpiece Technology will use to disseminate its electronic medical record (EMR) technology.

    "This alliance signifies the first time doctors will have real time access to patients' medical records from a wireless device, regardless of location," commented Gary Coltek, chief executive officer of Wireless MD, Inc. "Our agreement with Masterpiece Technology represents a perfect blend of technology and focus which will augment our current product offerings to the physician community. Additionally, this agreement doesn't restrict our member physicians from using competing EMR products that are compatible with our service."

    "This agreement produces a major breakthrough in real-time information access to medical records within a doctor's practice, thus allowing physicians access to vital patient information from a wireless platform," stated Dr. Newell Crane, president of Masterpiece Technology Group, Inc.

    Wireless MD will begin deployment of the Motorola PageWriter(TM) 2000X pager at no cost to Masterpiece Technology's registered physician users before the of the second quarter of 2000. This wireless two-way interactive device will replace the physicians' current pager and answering service with a 24 hours a day/7 days a week live operator with medical training, medical data retrieval system (lab reports, prescription writing, patient information etc.), email, fax, and text-to-voice messaging all in one easy-to-use and easy-to-wear pager.

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