WISP Licenses CIC's Sign-On for the Palm Computing Platform Enabling Secure Internet Access Over WISP's High Speed Wireless Network

    Communication Intelligence Corporation ("CIC") today announced the licensing of its Sign-On(TM), biometric signature solution for the Palm Computing(R) Platform, to Wireless Internet Solutions Providers Inc. ("WISP").

    The solution provides a secure log-on for Palm Computing devices accessing WISP's high-speed wireless network. This enables companies in the financial services, healthcare and client relationship management (CRM) markets to deploy mission critical wireless applications with confidence.

    Percy Bhathena, president of WISP, Inc., commented, "CIC's Sign-On will deliver biometric authentication security for our network users. This enables our customers to deploy large scale mission critical applications, such as wireless on-line trading and mobile e-Commerce over our systems with assurance that the transaction is being conducted by the authorized user."

    Mike Sullivan, vice president of business development for CIC, commented, "WISP's technology enables wireless access at throughputs approaching wired dial up modem speeds. We believe that this type of high speed access will accelerate the adoption of both mobile e-Commerce applications and the deployment of wireless mobile Internet appliances, significantly expanding the market opportunities for CIC's technologies."

    Introduced in October of 1999, Sign-On is the first biometric authentication software solution to provide device access security to users of Palm connected organizers enabling them to replace the existing password protection system. This product addresses a data security need that has been created by the increasing deployment of enterprise level applications on handheld devices that allow users to access and transfer sensitive data from their PCs, corporate networks and the Internet.

    WISP is a provider of CDPD wireless Internet access solutions for both the business and the individual user. In response to the increasing demand for additional security for wireless Internet connections, WISP will provide CIC's authentication software as a value-added service for its customers.

    This software will enhance the built-in security features of the CDPD system and provide the user with a significant comfort level that wireless Internet access is not being compromised.

    About CIC

    Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC) is the leading supplier of input and electronic signature solutions for wireless Internet and e-Commerce applications. The Company's core software technologies include multilingual handwriting recognition systems, dynamic signature verification, natural messaging, and operating system extensions that enable pen input.

    CIC's products are designed to increase the ease of use, functionality, and security of wireless electronic devices ranging from handheld companions to cellular phones. Key licensees of the Company's technologies include Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, and National Semiconductor. CIC is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California and has a joint venture, CICC, in Nanjing, China.

    For more information, please visit our website at www.cic.com.

    About WISP, Inc.

    Wireless Internet Solutions Providers Inc. (WISP) is a privately held company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. WISP offers complete wireless data solutions to corporations, governmental entities, and individuals. WISP offers regional and nationwide flat-rate CDPD network access, economical CDPD modems, simple installation software, modem acceleration software to increase performance, and a dedicated, knowledgeable technical support staff.

    WISP is the only complete "one-stop" wireless Internet data solutions company. For more information, please see our web site at www.wispinc.com.

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