Xerox Launches Industry's First System to Send Documents by Cell Phones, Pagers

    "MobileDoc is Like Having a Library in Your Hand."

    Taking its first step into the wireless world, Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) today unveiled MobileDoc, a software application that allows people to fax and e-mail documents remotely from cell phones, handheld computers and pagers. MobileDoc will initially support Motorola's PageWriter 2000X and TimePort P930 interactive devices and various current and future Nokia wireless phones.

    "Business professionals need solutions that take advantage of the mobile devices they already carry to make their lives easier and more productive, " said Ken Hyers, industry analyst, Cahners In-Stat Group. "MobileDoc is a compelling solution that lets them leverage their existing devices to access the documents they need."

    Using technology developed at the Xerox Research Centre in Cambridge, U.K., MobileDoc allows people to browse through large document libraries via handheld devices. Customers can select a document and then send it to any fax machine or e-mail address in the world. For example, sales professionals can easily send up-to-the-minute proposals, pricing sheets or other literature to a potential client within minutes.

    "MobileDoc allows users to immediately retrieve and distribute documents with the click of a button. It's like having a library in your hand," said Ranjit Singh, senior vice president and general manager, iXerox.

    iXerox is a new Xerox division focused on bringing to market Internet-related technology brewing in Xerox' worldwide research labs. MobileDoc is the first of many on-line document services to come from iXerox.

    MobileDoc will be available through Xerox partners with more distribution channels to be added in the future.

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