Delivers World's First Secure Wireless E-mail, Inc. announced today at the CTIA trade show in New Orleans that it is the world's first provider of Web-based wireless secure e-mail solutions.

    "ZipLip provides the world's most powerful Web-based e-mail service by offering the user the unique choice of sending each e-mail normally or securely. In secure mode, the user can encrypt, track, confirm delivery and shred messages. These unprecedented capabilities can now be delivered not just to the PC but also to any Web-connected wireless device. Best of all, ZipLip works with standard equipment and needs no special software or hardware," said Kon Leong, ZipLip's CEO.
Security for Corporations, Privacy for Consumers

    Today, the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) offers very limited security, providing some encryption on the wireless leg only, but leaving e-mail exposed elsewhere. This mismatch of security levels is similar to sending a message via an exposed postcard and then using an armored truck to deliver it through the last mile. By contrast, ZipLip security provides true end-to-end security from sender to recipient.

    For corporations, field support, sales and executive personnel can now use ZipLip to access corporate databases securely through their wireless handsets. For consumers, ZipLip assures privacy by combining strong encryption with ubiquity and ease of use. ZipLip also takes the precaution of strongly encrypting all stored messages, thus eliminating the possibility of hackers gaining access to the stored e-mail, as exemplified by the recent security breaches at Microsoft's HotMail service.

    "ZipLip solutions are right at the intersection of e-mail, the Web's most popular application, and wireless, the Web's most promising access mode. By delivering secure e-mail solutions for the wireless Web user, ZipLip is enabling millions of people who are concerned about privacy and security to get onto the Web whatever their mode of access", said Pamela Kline, partner at The McKenna Group, a leading high-tech consultancy in Palo Alto, California.

The ZipLip Solution

    "First, we launched ZipLip Classic, providing instant security for anyone with an e-mail address, anywhere in the world. Then, we launched ZipLip Plus, combining a full-fledged Web-mail service with ZipLip security," said Leong. "Today, ZipLip enters the wireless age, bringing security and advanced messaging features to wireless devices around the world."

    Beyond security, ZipLip empowers e-mail with unprecedented capabilities. For example, ZipLip provides tracking and receipt confirmation so users know when the recipient has picked up the message. ZipLip also enables shredding based on document expiration. With the upcoming applications suite of phone book, calendar, and to-do lists, ZipLip enables the wireless user to store, retrieve and share personal data securely. Synchronization of data across all devices is automatic.

    "ZipLip's entire application deployment infrastructure, including the wireless interface, was developed from the ground up with scalability, security and accessibility in mind," said Dr. Arvind Srinivasan, ZipLip's CTO. "We run on a 100% distributed, Java application server platform."

    ZipLip solutions are particularly suited to major wireless carriers, portal sites and applications service providers (ASPs) which focus on fee-based services for businesses and consumers. Services in foreign languages will be released shortly.

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