ZoomON Launches B2B Vector Graphics Solution for Internet and Wireless Applications

    ZoomON's Z-Edit(1) Solutions Selected by Vsource for Streamlined Editing Capabilities for Entire Business-to-Business Procurement Process

    ZoomON(TM) Inc., a leading provider of flexible vector graphics solutions for business-to-business applications in Web and wireless environments, today unveiled its US operations -- outlining solutions that will effectively change the way traditional CAD and legacy GIS users exchange and edit information. ZoomON's Z-Edit applications provide viewer and edit functionality for vector graphics -- rendering bitmap and CAD imagery cumbersome in the new e-business economy.

    In its first major US announcement, ZoomON formed a strategic alliance with Vsource (OTC BB: VSRC). The combined solution, demonstrated today in the Vsource booth no. 1856 at the iEC show in New York, provides companies using Vsources's Virtual Source Network (VSN) eprocurement environment the potential for real time communication, editing and viewing of CAD drawings, architectural designs, stereo lithography and renderings among multiple participants in the design process in a virtual project room on the Internet.

    "Today's ebusiness economy requires lighter solutions that leverage the power of the Internet. ZoomON is offering solutions that enable multiple industries -- from architecture to city planning to GIS/Internet mapping sites -- to view, edit and collaborate on highly detailed graphical designs without the degradation associated with bandwidth and connectivity limitations," said Johan Magnusson, CEO of ZoomON, International. "Our partners, including Vsource, show the true possibilities of the Z-Edit solution. Vsource has the technical foresight to be in the explosive eprocurement market and we are pleased to share expertise with this industry leader."

    ZoomON's Java application allows anyone with a browser to view, mark up, design and collaborate on both complex as well as simple graphics. Everyone sees the same drawing at the same time, edits are made in real time, and changes are agreed upon and distributed automatically among participants. The application includes search and analysis capability to allow participants to view a particular part on a product within a drawing and then comment on it or make revisions.

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