Zucotto's Recipe for Wireless Silicon Solutions: Bluetooth and Sun's Java Technology -- The Yummy Stuff Inside!

    Zucotto's Launches the Recipe for Wireless -- Bringing Together a Suite of Semiconductor, Software and Tools -- for an End-to-End


    Adding to the sizzle already created by combining Bluetooth and Sun's Java(TM) Technology -- Zucotto Systems Inc. completes the Recipe for Wireless, bringing together a comprehensive solution: Including Xpresso(TM), SLICE(TM) and Jacknife(TM).

    Xpresso System-on-a-Chip offers an enhanced implementation of Sun Microsystem's (Nasdaq:SUNW) Java 2 MicroEdition (J2ME) KVMTM environment, resulting in 20 - 40 times the performance, with less power consumption, than comparable devices running on existing virtual machines, making it ideal for pervasive computing, wireless Internet and multimedia applications.

    To provide hardware independence, and an Open API, SLICE combines Zucotto's Support Layer(TM) and Sun's KVM. And now, to bring this technology together, Zucotto is launching the first two comprehensive Jacknife Development Kits, which includes a Debugger, BLUEboard, and WHITEboard. As a Bluetooth SIG member (www.bluetooth.com), Zucotto has combined their SLICE and KVM with Bluetooth technology to provide a fast time-to-market hardware development environment bundled into the BLUEboard Development Kit. In addition, providing a GUI-friendly software development WIN32 platform, Zucotto is also launching WHITEboard. Both BLUEboard and WHITEboard are being released at the CTIA show, available in early Q2

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