Inktomi Forges Into Wireless Internet; Wireless Infrastructure for Delivery of Next-Generation Content, Commerce and Applications

Strategic Investment in AirFlash for Just-in-Time Mobile Phone Content Alliances with AirFlash, Cap Gemini, GWcom, Hewlett-Packard Company, Portal Software, Spyglass and Sun Microsystems

Inktomi Corp., developer of scalable Internet infrastructure software, today announced a broad initiative to deliver infrastructure software to wireless network operators, Internet portals and global enterprises for the delivery of next-generation mobile data services. The initiative, which encompasses Inktomi's portal services and network products, will provide companies with the ability to deliver revenue-generating mobile services providing millions of wireless subscribers worldwide with highly relevant, differentiated content and commerce services.

Inktomi also announced six new alliances to rapidly expand its reach into the wireless space. These include a strategic investment and alliance with AirFlash for mobile phone Internet services, and alliances with Cap Gemini and Portal Software for the provisioning and billing of wireless content and applications, Hewlett-Packard Company for its wireless hardware platform, Sun Microsytems for its wireless infrastructure solution set, Spyglass for content transformation and GWcom to enable advanced mobile commerce services.

"With today's announcement we are firmly planting a marker for the future of Inktomi as the global wireless infrastructure provider," said David Peterschmidt, president and CEO at Inktomi. "In the coming years we will invest significantly in this growth area, leveraging our leadership position in the Internet infrastructure to become the de-facto provider of core technology for the wireless Internet. Today's news is the first milestone of many to come from Inktomi as we become essential to the Internet."

It is estimated that by the year 2005 the mobile e-commerce industry will expand rapidly reaching 14 billion transactions with a total market of $200 billion(1). The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association also projects that in five years there will be 830 million wireless devices globally that will be capable of connecting to the Internet.

     AirFlash powered by Inktomi

     Inktomi Search, Directory, and Commerce for Just-In-Time Mobile

     Today, Inktomi announced that it has acquired an equity stake in

AirFlash Inc., a global application service provider for the delivery of mobile content and commerce services. Under this agreement, AirFlash will integrate Inktomi Search, Directory and Commerce with its location-based technology, enabling mobile network operators and Internet portals to deliver personalized content and commerce designed for mobile users. The joint solution will be co-branded, "AirFlash powered by Inktomi."

Mobile phones are growing faster than the Internet. By 2003, there will be over one billion in use with over 60 percent capable of receiving wireless Internet(2). The private-label AirFlash powered by Inktomi solution will enable wireless carriers and portals to build a branded, customized portal and mobile commerce (m-commerce) offering to deliver differentiated mobile Internet services to subscribers worldwide. These services will be available starting third quarter 2000.

Unlike other wireless portal solutions that simply repurpose Web content for mobile phones, AirFlash powered by Inktomi explicitly creates content for the mobile medium relevant to the user's actual location. Bridging the online world with the offline, the joint solution enables providers to deliver content such as yellow pages, restaurants, hotels, real-time traffic, driving directions, movies and entertainment listings, commerce applications and other information that is pertinent to the vicinity of a mobile phone user. Users will also have mobile access to a broad range of products, merchants and content through a variety of wireless devices including, Wireless Application Protocol-enabled (WAP) mobile phones and wireless PDAs.

"As a leader in providing the most advanced innovations for mobile Internet users, we believe this is a significant partnership between Inktomi and AirFlash. As an existing customer of Inktomi, we can benefit from this pioneering, integrated portal services platform that will provide users with highly relevant location-based content and commerce services," said Simon Durrant, head of Product Marketing, Orange.

"We are delighted to be working with Inktomi to bring together technology and expertise to extend both companies' leadership in wireless content infrastructure," said Rama Aysola, CEO of AirFlash. "The AirFlash location-based solution combined with Inktomi's broad suite of portal service offerings will bring a powerful OEM solution to Wireless operators and Internet portals."

     Portal Software and Cap Gemini

     Inktomi Traffic Server for the Provisioning, Delivery and Billing
     of Wireless Content and Applications

     Inktomi and Portal Software (NASDAQ: PRSF), a leading provider of

business infrastructure software for Internet and next-generation communications services, today announced plans to develop a platform for wireless content and applications delivery. The proposed joint solution will provide wireless operators with a scalable, integrated infrastructure for the provisioning, delivery and billing of wireless Internet content and applications. This platform will support emerging wireless protocols, enabling operators to build high-speed data and WAP services for millions of users.

In addition, Inktomi is announcing an agreement with CAP Gemini, one of the world's largest management consulting and systems integration companies, to deliver turnkey integration services based on the integrated Inktomi-Portal platform. The new alliance will provide wireless operators and Internet portals the business infrastructure and systems integration required to support applications and services based on General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Universal Mobile Telecommunications Services (UMTS) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

"We are delighted to be the first integration partner for Inktomi's new offering which will enable the deployment of a flexible and scalable platform to support wireless service provisioning and delivery, and real-time billing," said Jean-Marie Personeni, Chief Technology Officer CAP Gemini Telemedia Lab. "The combination of Inktomi and Portal Software technologies delivered by CAP Gemini allows mobile data service providers the benefit of faster time-to-market and competitive service differentiation."

     Hewlett-Packard Company

     Inktomi Traffic Server for Hewlett Packard's Mobile E-services

     Inktomi and Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) today announced an

alliance to advance wireless connectivity to the Internet as part of HP's Mobile E-services initiative for mobile operators and global enterprises. As part of the alliance, Inktomi Traffic Server will become one of the core components of HP's Mobile E-services platform, which is an integrated set of hardware, software and services that forms the foundation for business-critical, mobile solutions. The joint initiative will provide a scalable platform for mobile operators and enterprises to expand service offerings beyond simple voice communications, and enable the rapid deployment of mobile Internet services. In addition, Inktomi has joined HP's Mobile E-services Bazaar, a program targeted at fostering the development of services and applications for the mobile communications market. This solution is scheduled to be available in the second half of this year.

     Sun Microsystems

     Inktomi Traffic Server for Sun's iFORCE Wireless Infrastructure

     Inktomi and Sun will build on the success of their existing

relationship to create an iFORCE wireless infrastructure solution to enable the delivery of wireless commerce, communication and content services for wireless operators. Inktomi Network Products along with iPlanet's wireless communications infrastructure products and Sun's market-leading platform will be core components of the solution that will enable the integration of Internet and wireless services. Under the iFORCE and Sun Portal Essentials program, Inktomi, Sun and iPlanet will work together to jointly market and sell the wireless infrastructure solution to service providers, network equipment providers and carriers to deliver secure, personalized web content anywhere, anytime and on any device.


     Inktomi Traffic Server for Content Transformation on Multiple
     Mobile Devices

     Inktomi and Spyglass (NASDAQ: SPYG), today announced an extended

alliance to deliver a content transformation solution that takes richly formatted, dynamic Web content and adapts it to match the capabilities of multiple mobile devices such as cellular phones, palm devices and laptop computers with wireless modems. Spyglass Prism integrated with the Inktomi Traffic Server platform is designed to enable wireless Internet service providers, network service providers and content providers to deliver faster access and optimal presentation of Internet content to users of mobile devices such as WAP-enabled handsets and PDAs.

The integrated Inktomi-Spyglass solution fully utilizes Traffic Server's caching, administration, system management and logging capabilities, and Spyglass Prism can be distributed over multiple Traffic Server systems in a scalable and fault tolerant configuration that expands quickly to meet a growing subscriber base.

     This solution is available today.


     Inktomi Commerce Engine for WAP-enabled Mobile Phones

     Inktomi and GWcom, developer of the Global Wireless

Internet Platform and Applications Service, today announced an alliance to enable advanced m-commerce services on mobile phones and other handheld devices. wireless service will incorporate the Inktomi Commerce Engine for online shopping on WAP-enabled mobile phones and PDAs. The agreement will enable users to access powerful E-Commerce capabilities spanning a broad range of products, merchants, and content.

GWcom, a global, experienced provider of wireless ASP services and the largest wireless destination site in China, launched its first commercial stock trading services nearly two years ago, and handles over 6.5M wireless information/stock transactions per month. The company also supports traditional retailers and e-retailers to become wireless enabled thereby enhancing customer contact and retention. The company is based in Santa Clara, Calif. and operates in the U.S. and China.

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