Blue Wave Systems ComStruct Line Selected by UbiNetics for 3G Mobile System

VME/C6420 Provides Processing Power in 3G Test System

Continuing the success of the ComStruct(TM) line, Blue Wave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:BWSI) announces the selection of the VME/C6420 DSP board by UbiNetics Ltd, UK subsidiary of PA Consulting Group.

The ComStruct VME/C6420 has been designed into UbiNetics' Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) TTM 100 Test Mobile to allow infrastructure developers and service providers to gain a significant time-to-market advantage in the deployment of third generation (3G) networks. UbiNetics has so far placed orders worth more than $1 million for the VME/C6420 for use in their 3G Test Mobile program.

High levels of processing power are required for 3G, the next generation mobile telephony standard, which enables significantly higher data rates to be provided over wireless systems and increases channel density to cope with the rapid increase in subscribers. The VME/C6420 provides the functionality and processing power necessary to support these new high-speed services and is used within UbiNetics TTM 100 system to provide the baseband processing function. The test mobile gives network manufacturers and operators the ability to carry out practical trials on 3G networks to evaluate coverage, capacity and interoperability. Worldwide trials of UMTS are already in progress as network operators target the first system launches in 2001/2002.

Stirling Essex, UbiNetics Director of Projects, explains, "Our UMTS TTM 100 Test Mobile required a high performance signal processor, providing high-speed communications and an open architecture capable of meeting evolving needs. Blue Wave's VME/C6420 DSP board met these requirements, allowing for early product introduction to meet the demands of our global customers."

"The transition to 3G demands rapid network development to support widespread deployment by 2002, with handset trials being a key part of this," said Kevin Parslow, executive vice president at Blue Wave Systems. "ComStruct solutions offer optimized board architectures, leading edge development tools, and full re-programmability, all of which reduce customers time-to-market, with the flexibility to add new services once deployed."

The ComStruct VME/C6420 DSP resource board is available with a choice of four C6201 fixed-point or four C6701 floating-point digital signal processors. At the heart of the VME/C6420 is a high-speed interconnect linking external interfaces, DSPs and a control processor. It supports the simultaneous broadcast and multicast of streams of data to multiple DSPs for simultaneous processing. The extensive range of I/O capabilities, which includes two industry standard PMC sites, provide access to a wide range of analog and digital I/O, serial and network modules facilitating the easy integration of telecom systems.

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