Critical Path Files Patents Worldwide Covering Secure Messaging, Collaboration, and Wireless Communication

Patents Bolsters Critical Path's Commitment To Provide Secure Internet Messaging Anywhere, Anytime, And On Any Device

Critical Path Inc. (Nasdaq:CPTH), the dominant global provider of business-to-business Internet messaging and collaboration solutions, today announced it has filed three patents worldwide to protect the technology at the core of its current and future services. These patents cover technology used in Critical Path's Secure File Services, Internet and wireless messaging, and the use of digital certificates.

Critical Path's Secure File Services are based on its patent-pending technology and enable businesses to securely send, store and collaborate on files from anywhere in the world via the Internet. As the only allsource provider for advanced Internet messaging and collaboration solutions, Critical Path's Secure File Services provide additional flexibility and functionality for businesses to leverage the Internet in order to improve communication and collaboration.

"Critical Path is committed to staying at the forefront of the messaging market and these patents enable us to protect the proprietary technology and intellectual property that enables Critical Path to be such a dominant force in the market," said Doug Hickey, CEO of Critical Path. "As a trusted provider of Internet messaging solutions it is our duty to protect the services and technology our customers put their confidence in."

Critical Path has also filed patents worldwide surrounding the use of digital certificates in a collaborative environment as well as the ability to access this environment in a secure way from wireless devices worldwide. Both patents enable the exchange of secure, authenticated, and confidential information among individuals or groups regardless of whether they access the information from a traditional Web browser or a wireless device.

"Corporations need secure messaging solutions that match the way they communicate both internally and externally," said Mike Serbinis, chief security officer of Critical Path. "These patents, filed by Critical Path, cover Internet messaging as well as wireless messaging to ensure our customers can communicate securely regardless of the device they are using."

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