Demand for Mobile Access to Portal Content is High says Delphi Group Research

Portal vendors will need to move rapidly to develop untethered portals to satisfy customer expectations

Delphi Group released the latest volume in its Corporate Portal research series, focusing on users' perceptions of portal software, portal adoption and spending plans and experiences to date in implementing portals in the organization. Notably, end users are seeking to interact with their portals through handheld and wireless devices to access process- or task-relevant information on a just in time basis.

Expected Time to Handheld/Wireless Portal Access

"Users have high expectations for the time when an untethered portal (a device-independent single point of access) is a reality," noted Larry Hawes, senior analyst for the Delphi Group. "Sixty percent of current portal users anticipate using mobile devices to access their portal within the next year or two. The data indicates that demand for mobile access is high. Portal vendors will need to move rapidly to develop this and other technologies to satisfy their customers and keep up with competitors."

Delphi's current research used a web-based survey to collect the views of professionals with experience or an active interest in corporate portals and knowledge management. The respondents represented senior corporate and IT management from a cross section of industries including professional services, internet commerce and services, computers and electronics, manufacturing, financial services, and communications organizations.

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