eFax Software Provides Wireless Access for Palm Users

Application Allows Users to Receive, Compose or Forward Email and Fax Documents to Traditional Fax Machines for Remote Hardcopy Printing

When Traveling

eFax.com (Nasdaq:EFAX), a leader in Internet communication services, today announced that it has released a software application to give Palm VII(TM) handheld computers from Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM) access to its Internet based fax services. Palm V users can access the same services using an Omnisky wireless modem.

The Palm Query Application (PQA) is designed to give Palm owners wireless access to faxes while on the road or away from their PC. The eFax application also allows users to forward any document, including emails with attachments, and faxes, to a local fax machine for remote printing while traveling. The capability of printing documents via Internet cell phones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) is called eFax Wireless Hardcopy(TM).

"We are giving wireless Palm users a means of accessing and routing business documents, and for getting a hardcopy when they need it," says Michael Crandell, executive vice president and chief technology officer of eFax.com. "We recently launched our Wireless Hardcopy service for Internet-enabled phones, and believe additional support for the PDA will help create demand for remote printing services via traditional fax machines in the wireless handheld marketplace."

Once the eFax Palm PQA is downloaded onto a Palm PDA, registered eFax users can login to their eFax account to view information about received faxes or voice mails, compose a new fax, and configure cover-page attachment and alert notification options. While viewing their message log, users can choose particular messages to forward to an email address or a traditional fax machine for printed output. This creates the opportunity to redirect any message, in real time, from its original destination to one more locations convenient for viewing or printing while on the road.

With an estimated 58 million fax machines installed worldwide in hotels, copy centers, businesses, in-flight lounges, home offices and other facilities, the Wireless Hardcopy solution gives mobile professionals a viable solution for remote printing of time sensitive, complex, or detailed information, like contracts and maps. Faxing continues to be an essential part of the global business communications mix for a variety of reasons such as document "permanence", content complexity, and simply the need to have a hardcopy for files and records.

With over 6 million Palm devices in the market place, eFax is paving the way forward for current eFax and Palm users to use the PDA for greater control and access to their information. For the last several years, Palm has dominated the market for handheld devices with a 70 percent market share. This makes Palm the logical choice as a platform for eFax.com to showcase its technology for PDAs.


The new eFax Palm application can be freely downloaded from the eFax ftp site at ftp://ftp2.efax.com/efax/palm/efax.pqa or from Tucows at in the PQA/ Communications section. Access to eFax.com from the Palm PQA requires users to have an existing eFax account which they can signup for at http://www.efax.com. While users can view their message log and configure options as a Free user, composing and forwarding faxes for Wireless Hardcopy requires the user be an eFax Plus customer. eFax Plus is a paid subscription upgrade to eFax Free that includes the selection of a local or toll-free eFax number and the ability to send faxes from the eFax web site or popular email programs.

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