Elite.com Delivers Mobile, Handheld Time-Tracking and Billing

Exclusive Alliance Offers Small, Professional-Service Firms Anytime/Anywhere Access Via PDAs and Hand-Helds

Elite.com Inc., developer of Internet-accessible software services, today announced the availability of wireless capabilities for its Web-based time and billing application, Timesolv(TM).

Elite.com users can now use PDAs such as Palm(TM) Organizers, the wireless Palm VII, Handspring's Visor(TM) and Research in Motion's Blackberry(TM) and Inter@active Pagers(TM) for time entry and expense tracking. Future releases will extend support to Windows(TM) CE devices and Symbian-based smart phones.

By simply downloading MobileTimeBilling(TM) (MTB) software for their handheld devices, users can capture expenses and track time using the same projects, clients, task and expense codes defined in Timesolv. They then simply email this information back to their Timesolv account where it is merged with the rest of their data. This capability is made possible through an exclusive strategic alliance with Wireless Verticals, a software developer for PDAs and the hand-held computing market.

"Each of our consultants is issued a Palm upon their first day of employment because we are so mobile," said Richard Milone, managing partner at CNX Corp. and current user of Timesolv. "Oftentimes, I have a half-hour conversation with a client from my car. The thought of being able to accurately track that time while away from my PC is very attractive to me."

In the professional services marketplace, properly recorded time translates to billable hours, which translates to revenue. Professionals and consultants who travel frequently or who are simply busy running from meeting to meeting, are challenged with the grueling task of keeping track of their time and projects in order to bill accurately and efficiently. These mobile professionals now have an easy and convenient way to account for time-based activities, expenses and more, combined with powerful invoicing and billing capabilities, all from virtually any remote location.

Ensuring simple usage and complete compatibility, Wireless Verticals and Elite.com have worked together to develop easy-to-use steps for data synchronization from PDAs. MTB software contains information such as Project, Client and Task/Activity codes from the user's Task Code database (tailored for the user). The billing rates used are those defined by the user in Timesolv and MTB provides an electronic timer for accurate recording. Once created, users can review and edit time and expense records by project before synchronizing with Timesolv at Elite.com's data center. MTB software is available at www.elite.com and will cost $39.95 for a special 3-month promotion.

"Wireless capabilities truly reinforce our 'anytime, anywhere time and billing' message to our users," said Mark Goldin, president of Elite.com. "These are the professionals who understand the importance of timely and accurate time recording and billing. Giving them the ability to do it from the road, or on-the-go is absolutely imperative."

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