Ericsson and Telcel to lead mass market mobile Internet in Mexico

Ericsson and wireless operator Telcel today announced an agreement that will lead the way for mass market mobile Internet use in Latin America.

The agreement will enable Telcel to launch mobile data services for its customers in Mexico this summer.

The technology being used is Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD), which is able to support mobile services such as web browsing, email, location- based services, mobile e-commerce and on-line information services. The benefit of packet data is that the user is always connected or 'on line'. This means, for example, that a subscriber can be permanently logged on to the Internet or email service.

For consumers, this would mean being able to find local maps, locate shops and restaurants, check bank balances or order CDs, just by using their mobile handsets and regardless of their location. Ericsson has recently launched TDMA - CDPD terminals and the availability of these are expected to drive the market for many mobile data services.

Daniel Hajj, CEO of Telcel says, "This contract gives us a head start in the mobile Internet boom, expected to spread across Latin America in the next couple of years. We have chosen to partner with Ericsson because we believe the company has the expertise, experience and technology right now, so we can roll out services quickly and ahead of our competitors."

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