Europolitan Develops SAS Flight Information

SAS customers can now have flight information sent directly to their mobile phones

SAS and Europolitan have developed a new system designed to enable rapid and efficient communication via SMS, thus providing passengers with updated information regarding the status and times of flights. SAS will be one of the first airlines to provide this service, to which passengers can subscribe and then actively search for the information they require.

The service allows passengers to obtain up-to-date information about delays or cancellations to flights on which they are booked. They can also obtain information about new departure times, as well as updates about any changes. If the flight is due to depart on time, no message will be sent. 

The system also provides information about arriving flights. Passengers can choose one of two ways to receive the information:

1. Automatic messaging - a message is sent to the mobile telephone if any changes are made to the schedule of the flight on which the passenger is booked.

2. Alternatively, the customer can send a question regarding flight departure and arrival times and receive an answer within a few seconds. Initially, the service will be available to all SAS EuroBonus customers throughout the Nordic region.

"Our goal is to maintain our front-line position in terms of customer service. Customers are now able to adjust their travel plans to changing conditions, thereby avoiding the lengthy telephone queues involved in obtaining the latest travel information," says Tommy Lundin, Director of Mobile Computing, SAS Data.

The only thing required to be able to use the service is a GSM telephone equipped to send and receive SMS messages.

"It has been very stimulating to work on this project with SAS. They have a sound understanding of how to develop new services for their customers, and are very interested in providing them, " says Anders Thomsen, who is responsible for the technical solution at Europolitan.

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