Everypath Forms a Strategic Relationship with Ericsson to Deliver the Wireless Web Anytime, Anywhere With Enhanced Privacy and Security

Everypath Inc., a leading wireless Internet infrastructure software developer and application service provider, today announced an agreement with Ericsson, a global leader in telecommunications, to share technology to develop secure mobile e-commerce applications.

As wireless device adoption explodes, and services that provide transaction oriented content (such as banking, stock trading, credit card transactions and bill payment) become available, there are increasing concerns regarding the security of wireless Internet transactions. Everypath and Ericsson are at the forefront of addressing this issue by collaboratively developing wireless infrastructure and standards to enable robust, secure and private Internet transactions on wireless devices.

Everypath today announced the availability of a service that can rapidly translate existing website content so that it can be accessed on all WAP (wireless application protocol) cellular telephones. The Everypath solution does not store "persistent" data on Everypath's server, thus ensuring the privacy and security of the users' credit card information and data.

"Everypath and Ericsson are a formidable combination, bringing world-class technologies together to establish a solid foundation for the future of virtually all web-enabled content and transaction services. Our agreement lays the groundwork for rapidly establishing a highly scalable and private platform," says Venk Shukla, CEO of Eveypath. "We are excited about our partnership with Ericsson and expect that we will be highly successful in enabling the "post PC era" for anytime, anywhere Internet transactions.

"Ericsson is intent on establishing the most robust mobile content and commerce applications, with enhanced privacy protection, for the mobile Internet market", says Hans Davidsson, Vice President and General Manager for Ericsson Wireless Internet Solutions. "Our extensive global reach and leading wireless infrastructure products, combined with Everypath's infrastructure software and applications capability, will result in a highly robust and scalable platform. We will deliver a wide variety of content and commerce applications, quickly and reliably. This promises to dramatically increase usage for wireless operators, and content and transaction providers."

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