Everypath launches application service for the wireless web

With more than 30 signed customers, Everypath takes leadership position away from more established players

Tonight, Everypath, Inc. will roll out the Everypath(TM)service, its application service for enterprise customers, at an invitation-only media event.

The new service enables any enterprise customer with a public website to get mobilized for the wireless web in about seven business days (a).

Pricing ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 per month, including hosting, making the Everypath service affordable to the widest possible number of independent content providers, e-tailers, and business-to-business e-commerce providers. In all, a total of 32 customers have initiated service with Everypath today, representing a broad cross-section of the web, including such major brands as Best Buy, E*TRADE, Egghead, Hilton Hotels, and PayTrust.

The announcement ushers in a new era of mobility and convenience for end users who depend on web-based services. Now anyone who uses the web to shop, purchase gift certificates, bid on auctions, trade stocks, play games, pay their bills, get driving directions, check their calendar, reserve a hotel room, track home prices, plan a vacation, say in touch, or order tickets will be free to do these same things on wireless devices.

And, because the Everypath service supports not just wireless devices but also new technologies to voice-enable a website, it introduces the freedom to go hands free, using voice prompts to log-in and transact by simply speaking into a telephone.

Everypath CEO Venktesh Shukla commented: "The response we've gotten from enterprise customers stunned even us. In the past, there was no way to take an application like stock trading or bill payment and move it to the wireless web without a significant investment of both time and money.

We can take even the most demanding and complex website and mobilize it for the wireless web in a matter of days. 32 out of 32 times, we've proven ourselves to these customers, by showing them that we could give them a significant time-to-market advantage without compromising when it comes to the integrity of end user experience or the security of the underlying data."

Case in point: E*TRADE -- no compromises in security. When E*TRADE decided to take its website and make it available on the wireless web, security was a key concern. Joe Raymond, E*TRADE's Senior Manager of Research and Product Development, comments on why they selected Everypath:

"We looked closely at their service from a security of transactions point-of-view. They were clear they could handle it and deliver. And they have. The nature of our business is that there are external market forces that require us to over-architect our system, which we routinely do to ensure we're fault tolerant. We were convinced that Everypath's engineers had the same interest in mind."

Case in point: Paytrust -- no compromises in user experience. Let's face it. People hate to pay their bills. So the success or failure of this kind of service depends on making bill paying a relatively painless experience. When Paytrust, the No. 1 bill-paying service on the Internet, decided to make their website available on the wireless web they turned to Everypath. Everypath prides itself on its ability to take the best of any given website and faithfully reproduce that user experience on the small format/wireless device. Paytrust CTO Larry Greenberg comments on the importance of making the user experience effortless:

"With traditional paper-based bill paying, people tend to try to collect all their bills together and pay them at one time. The promise of Paytrust comes from a change in the nature of the activity. With Paytrust and its wireless features you can dispatch your bills immediately as they come in. So, instead of wasting a lot of time on the dreaded paper-based task twice a month where half your bills come late and half are early, Paytrust wireless doesn't disturb your normal workflow. You don't even notice it. Paytrust works a lot like e-mail, an application that fits in great with wireless."

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