INTERSAT and Barton Instrument Systems Team for IP Anywhere Wireless Data Alliance

Interprovincial Satellite Services Ltd. (CDNX:ISS.) ("INTERSAT") and Barton Instrument Systems, Ltd. ("BARTON") are pleased to announce to offer IP Anywhere wireless data services to the energy industry. Under the alliance, BARTON will re-sell INTERSAT's IP Anywhere services, for use with the BARTON line of electronic instrumentation and measurement products.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to work together with an organisation of the size, quality and strength of BARTON. Our growth model is based on channel partnerships and alliances with industry leaders, such as BARTON," said Chris Schnarr, INTERSAT's President. "Each commercial step forward moves us closer to the realisation of our goal of being the industry standard in oil and gas industry wireless asset management. The economics driving this adoption are extremely compelling. Having leveraged our technology as the critical element in completing a mass-market wireless IP service for difficult remote industrial applications, we are confident in our positioning. IP Anywhere is driving an inevitable paradigm shift through its flexibility and value-proposition, which includes diversity of both access and content. As we strive to gain market share in oil and gas we are simultaneously migrating into other industries on a global basis, with a view to extending our leadership position across the global industrial non-urban wireless IP service market."

INTERSAT's industry-leading IP Anywhere services employ various wireless data technologies to extend the Internet past the desktop office PC to include all of the electronic devices and assets in the field, owned or operated by industrial customers. This includes fixed assets such as oil and gas wells, compressor stations, pipelines, fluid storage tanks, utility meters, environmental meters, as well as certain mobile assets. With IP Anywhere, customers have access to and control over their electronic assets, regardless of nature or location, as a secure extension of the Internet or corporate intranet, for a low monthly fee.

"We are pleased to be working with INTERSAT to offer our customer base a leading-edge wireless information service to enhance their management of oil and gas assets," said Earl Connors, General Manager of Barton Instrument Systems, Ltd. "It is clear that this industry is on the verge of tremendous change in the way in which production and delivery assets are managed, and we are confident that the IP Anywhere service offering will maintain BARTON's position at the forefront of this emerging market."

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