Is Your Handheld Pc a Security Risk?

Popular Handheld PCs And Smart Phones Creating New Security Headaches for IT Managers

Experts predict that by the year 2003, there will be one billion "smart" devices connected wirelessly. The growing popularity of smart phones and handheld PCs has IT managers worrying about precious company data ending up in the wrong hands and questioning the future security of their networks. Many devices are small enough to be easily hidden, making it difficult to keep proprietary information from walking out the door. Or, imagine the consequences of an innocent user losing a handheld at the airport or on a train. A report released this week from Computerworld, Walking Disasters, examines the real dangers of these devices.

Rick Saia, an editor at Computerworld, is available to speak in "plain English" about the security risks of handheld devices and the best security solutions from the experts, including:

-- The far-reaching risks - From common loss to the conspirings

        of a disgruntled worker or corporate spy, the handheld device
        presents a new IT security challenge, especially now that
        greater numbers of users are bringing their handheld devices
        to work.

    --  Solutions - Get the scoop on what companies are doing to
        combat potential handheld security breeches, plus a few tips
        from industry experts on how to keep information from falling
        into the wrong hands.

    --  Beyond the corporate risks - The corporate network isn't the
        only proprietary data at risk. Many e-commerce transactions
        can be less secure when made with web-enabled handheld

The Walking Disasters report can be found in the April 24th issue of Computerworld and online at Computerworld is an information services company and the expert source for "IT Leaders."

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