Nokia to Supply 3rd Generation Mobile Network to VIAG EuroPlattform AG

VIAG EuroPlattform AG Chooses Nokia With an Aim to be a Leader in Europe With 3G Services

Nokia has signed an agreement with VIAG EuroPlattform AG to supply a 3rd Generation network solution. The deal, including advanced WCDMA 3rd generation radio access network equipment, also includes the supply of a commercial GPRS core network solution and GSM 1800 network.

In order for VIAG EuroPlattform AG to position itself at the forefront of future Mobile Internet services, Nokia will deliver its triple-mode Nokia UltraSite base stations. In addition, Nokia will provide extensive 3rd Generation System Integration expertise to integrate and develop end-user applications for VIAG's pan-European affiliate operations, with the network being situated in Liechtenstein.

"VIAG EuroPlattform AG is happy to be working with Nokia and this shows our commitment to offer advanced data services to our subscribers," said Alois Widmann of VIAG EuroPlattform AG. "We aim to be among the first in Europe to roll-out and launch 3rd Generation services. With the launch of GPRS we are aiming to offer our customers advanced mobile communications technologies with the services and applications they want available anytime through their mobiles."

"Nokia's unique solutions can support GSM and 3rd Generation technologies in various combinations, with GPRS offering secure high-speed transmission for IP data traffic. This gives operators complete flexibility to configure their network to meet the changing demands of subscribers. Thus, VIAG EuroPlattform AG will be prepared to meet the capacity, quality and cost challenges as we evolve to 3rd Generation networks." says Jorns Haberstroh, Area Vice President, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nokia Networks. "Nokia has a world-leading track record with over 30 delivered GPRS networks; this is more than any other supplier has delivered to-date and strengthens our long relationship we have had with VIAG in Europe"

The deal, illustrates Nokia's vision of putting the Internet in every pocket - with current GSM, and GPRS technologies each playing a vital role in offering a smooth path to next generation services. A complete GSM 1800 network, including switching and base stations, will cover Furstentum in Liechtenstein and will be ready for commercial use in the second quarter of this year.

VIAG EuroPlattform AG's commercial GPRS core network system will be fully operational in the third quarter of this year. Nokia is also the only vendor to offer a complete GPRS billing system and customer care package including the Nokia Charging Centre. Nokia's GPRS delivery includes Nokia Serving GPRS Support node (SGSN), Nokia Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN), Nokia Charging Gateway and related IP backbone elements.

Nokia provides 3G systems for both WCDMA and EDGE technologies. These include Base Station Subsystems, Packet and Circuit Switching Systems, end-user service delivery platforms, application functionalities, systems integration services, Service and Network Management Solutions including Service Provisioning and Billing, and 3G Terminals. In addition to infrastructure and software, Nokia Professional Services provides comprehensive service solutions for planning, deploying, managing and enhancing 3G systems.

VIAG EuroPlattform AG, Vaduz/Furstentum Liechtenstein, is a 100 per cent subsidiary of VIAG AG, Germany. VIAG EuroPlattform AG has been awarded in Liechtenstein the GSM 1800 licence to construct, operate and market mobile telecommunications services to business and residential subscriber, and also the first nationwide UMTS licence for the next generation of mobile communication. The company had been founded with the aim to concentrate international telecommunications activities of VIAG AG in the German-speaking European countries. Thus, VIAG EuroPlattform AG is an important building stone in the strategy to completely cover the four German-speaking countries, which are provided with nationwide coverage by the advanced worldwide GSM 1800 mobile communication standard. In these countries VIAG AG owns shares in VIAG Interkom GmbH & Co (Germany), Connect Austria GmbH (Austria), Orange Communications SA (Switzerland) and VIAG EuroPlattform AG (Liechtenstein).

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