Oberthur Card Systems and Rapsodia Enable the Launch of a Highly Secure Mobile Stock Trading Application in Taiwan

Oberthur Card Systems, a global leader in the development and delivery of electronic and mobile commerce solutions and Rapsodia, a leader in global off-the-shelf mobile solutions 50% owned by Oberthur and 50% by Prosodie, have teamed up to provide WAYIA, a Taiwanese company created to provide mobile stock trading and payment services, with the ultimate Mobile Stock Trading Application infrastructure.

The first telecom operator to partner with WAYIA is CHUNGWA TELECOM -- WAYIA has already signed partnership agreements with more than 20 Taiwanese stock brokerage companies.

Like in other projects, Rapsodia teamed with key partners to provide the necessary solution. Rapsodia delivered the award-winning SIMphonIC(TM) Application Server Platform, customized its new SIMphonIC Mobile Stock Trading Application and, to manage fund transfer, combined it with the SIMphonIC Mobile Banking application already available on the Taiwanese market. Oberthur Card Systems, who developed the applet, is also providing the SIM cards to WAYIA. Mercuries Data System (MDS) is managing the development of the interface with all of the external content providers' information systems (the stock market, banks and stockbrokers).

Olivier Leroux, Managing Director of Rapsodia said: "Taiwan is on its way to become the most dynamic and mature market for Mobile Commerce. Rapsodia is now a leading supplier in the world of m-Commerce technology, especially for SIM Toolkit secure payment and transaction solutions and WAYIA represents one of the most attractive companies I have ever seen."

The security model of the application has been endorsed by the main stock trading companies in Taiwan and approved by the Taiwanese government.

Francis WONG, Executive Vice President of WAYIA declared: "Thanks to the innovative technological components provided by Rapsodia and Oberthur Card Systems and the leading position of Mercuries Data Systems on the Taiwanese market, WAYIA is the first company to launch a Mobile Trading Service in Taiwan. In a two month period, we have been able to design and develop a high level user-friendly application on which any stock brokerage company or any bank could be connected in the future. This project proves, one more time, the efficiency of the relationship between MDS and Rapsodia."

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