ThinAirApps and Juno Develop Wireless Client for Palm VII Handheld

ThinAirApps LLC and Juno Online Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: JWEB) today announced that they have developed a new version of the Juno client software to run on the Palm VII(TM) handheld from Palm, Inc. Initially designed to supplement Juno's popular full Web access service by providing wireless access to users' e-mail, the application also lays the foundation for Juno to provide other wireless services in the future. The handheld version of Juno will be available to be downloaded from both the Palm.Net(TM) and Juno Web sites.

With the ThinAir Server platform hosted on its central computers, Juno becomes one of the first Internet access providers to offer its members direct wireless access through the Palm.Net service. Because of the extensibility and scalability of the ThinAir Server platform and Juno's extensive experience in providing Internet services to consumers, Juno was able to implement a wireless solution in a matter of weeks, rather than the year or more that such major technical projects often take to reach fruition.

"Millions of people have chosen Juno as their way onto the Internet, and our goal is to make sure that we satisfy all their Internet needs," said Toby Bryce, Juno's senior vice president for corporate development. "Our relationship with ThinAirApps is a high-leverage way for us to enter a new market aggressively and roll out new services at Internet speed. If you're on the road or out to dinner, or even if you're just out in the garden, you can now stay in touch through Juno just as if you were sitting at your desktop computer."

ThinAirApps first made a name for itself in the wireless industry after introducing ThinAir, now the most downloaded application on the Palm.Net Web site. Juno's customized application benefits from the experience that ThinAirApps has gained in designing easy-to-use software that is optimized for a Palm handheld, as well as for the transmission speeds of the wireless network being used.

"By enabling a powerhouse like Juno to allow its users to access their accounts anytime and anywhere, ThinAirApps is further demonstrating its commitment to enabling applications that improve people's lives and help them stay more connected to the information they depend on," said Jon Oakes, co-founder and CEO of ThinAirApps. "As we strive to quickly develop solutions that meet the demanding needs of our mobile society, we are fortunate to be working with an innovator like Juno."

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