Webraska Guides Belgian WAP Subscribers of Proximus/Belgacom Mobile

Webraska Mobile Technologies

-- World's first tramway itineraries on WAP

-- Webraska to offer zoomable street-level maps

Webraska Mobile Technologies announces today that it has been chosen by leading mobile telephony operator Proximus/Belgacom Mobile to provide multi-lingual navigation, maps and proximity information services to Internet mobile phone subscribers in Belgium.

Using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) technologies, Webraska's services will provide door-to-door car, foot, or public transport itineraries covering the whole of Belgium beginning on 17 April 2000. The services will also locate nearest public interest facilities such as car parks, hospitals, tourist attractions, etc., and guide users to them.

For the first time in WAP, tramway itineraries will be included in the service and cover the cities of Brussels, Gent and Antwerpen. Additionally, Webraska will provide zoomable street-level maps of any address in Belgium as well as turn-by-turn maps for all its navigation services.

The services will be available in French, Flemish and English and cover over 111,000 km of the country's roads as well as 6,000 facilities.

"We are extremely proud to bring our services to Proximus and its subscribers as well as add a fifth country to our European coverage. Our objective is to work with operators to make our services available to all mobile telephony subscribers, regardless of the country the are in and the terminal they use", commented Jean-Michel Durocher, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Webraska.

"With this new offering, Proximus/Belgacom Mobile brings to its customers a wealth of functionalities designed to facilitate their everyday life. A service that guides its users to their destination is a very good example of how mobile phones have evolved into much more than just means of communications, they are now sources of information and assistance to users wherever they are", stated Philippe Vander Putten, CEO of Proximus/Belgacom Mobile.

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