Wireless Internet Connectivity for Handheld Appliances

Instant Access To Remote Information In Private, Corporate, Commercial And Industrial Environments

Clarinet Systems, Inc., a global provider of wireless connectivity for handheld appliances, has introduced an easy-to-use, one-port, wireless network-access system for connecting users of these appliances to the Internet and corporate network.

The EthIR LAN(tm) 101 is targeted at non-dedicated, multi-user environments such as conference rooms and nurse's station where instant data access via handheld appliances and laptops is required and desired.

EthIR LAN is platform independent supporting Windows 95/98 and 2000, Windows CE, Palm, EPOC, Linux and MAC operating systems. The EthIR LAN 101 is offered with a bandwidth of 115Kpbs, enough to accommodate today's handheld appliances. A faster version at 4Mbits/s is in development and will be available in late May.

The EthIR LAN 101 is the latest in the company's EthIR LAN family that also includes 8- and 16-port versions for multi-user environments.

EthIR LAN 101 provides instant, on-demand access to remote information in a variety of private, corporate, commercial and industrial environments at dedicated throughput rates via the handheld appliance's built-in IR port (IrDA compliant).

EthIR LAN 101 accommodates the increasing number of handheld device users demanding fast and convenient access to networks. These small, form-factor, handheld devices are infiltrating the enterprise at increasing rates either by themselves or as companions to PCs, as noted by many industry analysts and market research organizations.

The single-port unit, as with all Clarinet Systems' LAN and WAN systems, fits seamlessly with all existing wiring infrastructures. The network administrator does not need to revamp the wiring closet and the user does not need to learn new protocols, reconfigure software or develop new methods for connecting to the Internet.


The EthIR LAN 101 is designed to give information-appliance users instant access to data distributed on the network in any environment where there the workforce needs to be mobile. This includes hospitals, executive suites, cafeterias, conference rooms, airports, hotels, kiosks, warehouses, factory floors, and small and home offices.

St. John Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a recent convert to EthIR LAN. Networking VAR, MasterChart is responsible for the installation.

"The nurses link to a wireless LAN via EthIR LAN allowing the nurses to upload the vital information into HealthFrame, the software platform we helped design. This system enables multiple users to synchronize and access patient and vital information using the same infrared port thereby decreasing the number of PC's needed at nursing stations. Many of the nurses have commented on the ease of use and how this new technology allows them more time for patient care," said Kevin Hahn, president of MasterChart.

An airport is another environment that lends itself to on-demand wireless connectivity for mobile computer users. While waiting for flights, the business traveler can access information from the office and around the world via a connection to a EthIR LAN port and his/her handheld computer. The hotel or hospitality market is another application for users to access their email or any late-breaking news from the corporate network and Internet via their handheld appliance.

Other examples abound. Engineering teams from two companies meet to continue designing a product they are jointly developing. During the discussion, some further information is needed from the visiting team to continue the design process. Using the EthIR LAN 101, the team can access the information and development continues.

Another example is a sales representative who visits a customer and finds out that the customer needs more information on pricing, quantities and specifications. Via EthIR LAN 101, the sales representative downloads the relevant information into his palm-sized information system or laptop to continue the discussion. On the factory floor, a supervisor can input updated information and access other changing data to keep the manufacturing line running smoothly.

How it works

The EthIR LAN 101 consists of the EthIR Switch(R), which connects to the network, and an EthIR Beam(R) transceiver to provide the wireless link between the user and the Internet or corporate network. The user points the handheld's IR port at the EthIR Beam which is connected to the EthIR Switch via a cable. The Beam sits on the desktop or conference table (or any other convenient location) for easy access by the user. The Switch receives the signal from the Beam and sends it to the host system via Ethernet. IR conversion to Ethernet is done inside the Switch. Connection is automatic as it assigns the device an IP address enabling network access.

Pricing and availability

Available through distributors and resellers, EthIR LAN 101 is priced at $ 249.00. Pricing includes the EthIR Switch and EthIR Beam.

See www.clarinetsys.com for a list of distributors and resellers near you.


The one-port EthIR LAN continues Clarinet Systems' strategy in providing connectivity for greater productivity. In the last five months, the company has announced a pact linking IR technology with Puma Technology's Intellisync Anywhere(tm) synchronization software for corporate networks and an agreement with Palm Computing synchronizing their Palm Connected Organizers with corporate networks via 8- and 16-port EthIR LANs.

"Clarinet Systems offers an innovative and cost effective approach to enable the mobile workforce to stay connected to the enterprise. Our enterprise synchronization software extends its reach into this enterprise environment. Together with Clarinet Systems we offer a total connectivity solution to customers," said Patrick Grady, Puma Technology, Inc.

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