Breakthrough system takes wireless a step further by providing desktop access, file sharing, collaboration, and message alerts, a leading provider of Internet-enabled information management and collaboration technology, today announced it is launching a major "wireless desktop" initiative that will empower businesses, work groups and individuals to easily access, share and manage their personal desktops from any location.

"People need a way to access and share information wherever they go," said Sam Fahmy, founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. "We are extremely excited that will be the very first to provide an ideal platform for virtually limitless information management and collaboration."

Based on the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), seamlessly moves its robust package of interactive user features into the realm of wireless communications. will take wireless a step beyond the basic storage capabilities offered by such names as and Users will have full access to their virtual desktops, including calendars, files, addresses, e-mail and bookmarks from any wireless device. In addition,'s "wireless desktop" will enable the sharing of files and data, along with the receipt of message alerts and event reminders.

"Bungo users will be able to send any file or data stored in their Bungo virtual desktop, such as a presentation, a picture, calendars or addresses, to anyone on the Internet using any wireless device," Fahmy said. "They will also be able to receive automatic notifications.

"For example. A Bungo user will automatically be notified by their wireless device of an upcoming meeting scheduled in their Bungo calendar, or as soon as they receive a shared file, picture or message at their Bungo desktop," he added.

These exclusive networking resources will provide individuals and work groups with the capabilities to maximize productivity, expedite concept and product development, reduce administrative costs and accelerate mission objectives.

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