Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services and Nokia Complete 3rd Generation Mobile Communication Trials

Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services and Nokia have announced two milestones in high-speed mobile communications - the successful completion of all 3rd Generation (3G) trials, and the provision of Hong Kong's first commercially-available 43.2 kbit/s High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) service.

The completion of these trials means the two companies are well positioned to move quickly to provide 3G services in Hong Kong.

Following the completion of the first phase of basic functional trials in February, the second phase 3G trials involved more intensive testing of 3G WCDMA to determine the experimental system's advanced technology and features, such as power control and handover capabilities. During the trials, data calls with bit rates up to 384 kbit/s were successfully made.

These advancements are expected to help achieve call stability and reliability, two critical factors for transmitting large volumes of data via a mobile network in a unique high-density environment such as Hong Kong.

With this launch of Hong Kong's first HSCSD service at a speed of 43.2 kbit/s, mobile data service customers can enjoy high-speed data transmission when using appropriate card phone models connected to a designated dial-up number.

In addition, Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services is ready to offer GPRS capabilities empowered by Nokia Networks. With the successful testing of the Nokia GPRS network, Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services can explore innovative mobile applications that will enable total IP mobility.

Mr. Adam Wong, Director, Mobile Networks, Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services said, "3G is our priority as we lead the mobile industry in the deployment and development of the latest technologies in Hong Kong. These trial results will be most constructive in our future service planning and enhancements. With Nokia, we are committed pushing the limits of 3G communication."

"The completion of the 3G trial marks a major step in the migration to next-generation mobile communications services in Hong Kong," said Mr. Jonathan Yip, General Manager, Nokia Networks, Nokia (H.K.) Limited. "Sharing the same vision to make the Internet a pervasive tool for everyone, Nokia and Cable & Wireless HKT Mobile Services will continue working hand-in-hand to bring the latest technology and quality services to local mobile users."

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