CallBack eCRM Software Available for Palm Handheld Computers

New PocketCB from CallBack Software Transforms Palm Handhelds into Mobile eCRM Managers

CallBack Software, developers of award winning eCRM software, today announced PocketCB for the Palm OS(R) platform. PocketCB is the first ever CallBack solution for the Palm OS software-based handhelds.

Designed to be a companion product to the desktop version of CallBack 7.5, PocketCB enables users to capture information about their prospects and customers from either their desktop PC or Palm(TM) handheld computer. While on the road, users can access and add to the information; then they easily upload the meeting notes and action items back into their CallBack desktop using Palm's HotSync(R) function to back up data. Companies maintain all customer relationship management (CRM) activity in a single central database.

"PocketCB provides an immediate, effortless way to share information with others within the organization. The combination of the Palm OS platform and PocketCB makes an extremely powerful portable eCRM tool," says Shelley Orenstein, President of CallBack Software.

With PocketCB, users will be able to quickly and easily enter notes from a meeting into their central database without any additional data entry. PocketCB uses the Palm software desktop interfaces to further reduce the up-front learning curve and organize company and contact information.

PocketCB also features:

-- Fast data entry - PocketCB includes the popular look and feel of Palm products, so users can be off and running at once.

-- No training required - users simply enter information as always and PocketCB synchronization takes care of moving it to the central database.

-- Quick connection and information synchronization - PocketCB makes it easy to keep your desktop information up to date.

-- Security - PocketCB insures information is secure. Users use their CallBack user name and password to determine level of security.

The CallBack eCRM suite includes one required and six optional modules:

1. Account Manager (Required)

2. Campaign Manager

3. Customer Service Manager

4. Prospect Manager

5. Telesurvey Manager

6. Web Report Manager (Available September 2000)

7. PocketCB Synchronization

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