Cellefony.com Joins The Phone.com Alliance Program

Cellefony.com Offers Internet Search Engine and Independent Price Comparison Service to Internet-enabled Wireless Mobile Phone Subscribers.

Santa Clara, California. May 1, 2000- Cellefony.com, a wireless web portal for Internet-ready cellular phones has joined the Phone.com Alliance program as an application developer. Cellefony.com, a leader in the emerging applications market for Internet-enabled mobile phones is developing a suite of services for wireless subscribers.

Cellefony.com's applications are designed to empower mobile phone subscribers to instantly search for the increasing number of wireless web sites and also compare prices on various items using the mobile phone's built-in UP.Browser microbrowser from Phone.com. By utilizing Phone.com's Alliance Program, Cellefony.com will allow network operators to provide their subscribers with unique benefits that so far were only available through the wired world. The Cellefony.com offering was recently launched on February 7, 2000. Cellefony.com's services can be easily accessed, by entering www.cellefony.com on the phone's browser. The services are easily accessible from the desktop and also the wireless phone with the same address, offering full convenience for wired and wireless applications.

"With Cellefony.com's price comparison engine, users may comparison shop for books, compact disks, DVDs, and videos while mobile. Cellefony.com's application enables users to perform their research anywhere, including at the physical location of brick-and-mortar retailers. Using Cellefony.com's wireless price comparison engine consumers can make informed choices since they can always have the latest pricing information about the products that they plan to purchase. In effect, Cellefony.com's service will help eliminate the arbitrage between real world prices and Internet prices," said Raman K. Rao, CEO of Cellefony.com

As an example, the user may submit a query for books, by ISBN number, author, title, or by keyword. Cellefony.com's system is designed to be fast and easy to use, with the lowest price displayed first. The company believes that the cellular phone user is looking for truly independent and unbiased data that would enable him or her to make fully informed choices while being mobile.

Cellefony.com also introduced a wireless Internet search engine with the most comprehensive database of wireless web sites. "The Cellefony.com wireless Internet search engine enables wireless subscribers to locate additional wireless sites and content, using their Internet-enabled digital cellular phone by entering a keyword. We have made it easy for the cellular phone user to search for new sites and bookmark them. New wireless web sites are registering to be included in our search engine database every day." added Mr. Raman Rao.

"The price comparison service is free to cellular telephone customers and the interface is easy to use. This product provides a high degree of convenience to the wireless subscriber," said Kathy Simpson, director of developer marketing for Phone.com. "Cellefony.com's expertise in this area will enable carriers utilizing Phone.com UP.Link Platform to offer a valuable service to their wireless subscribers, leading to faster adoption of Internet-enabled mobile phones and increased customer satisfaction."

The just announced price comparison engine and the wireless Internet search engine address the real needs of the mobile phone user. "We look forward to working closely with Phone.com to introduce a range of exciting new applications that will truly enhance the utility and value of the mobile phone. The Phone.com UP.Simulator is the primary tool that we have used to do our product development," said Mr. Rao.

Cellefony.com has product development activities in Santa Clara, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts. A number of the founders of Cellefony.com have received their education at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology.

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