MP 3 Multimedia Player And Memory Expansion Cards For Cybiko

E 3 Expo, Los Angeles, CA, May 11, 2000 – Cybiko, Inc. announced today the release of its first CyCard expansion accessories – an MP3 multimedia player and a Memory Expansion – for its digital, wireless, handheld entertainment and communications system targeted to the youth market. The CyCards slide into the bottom of the Cybiko device for quick, easy expansion. Cybiko, which combines instant messaging, interactive gaming and personal information applications in one compact unit, can now hold more content. With Cybiko’s unique CyLoader software and connection cable, users can read and write emails off-line then link up to send messages to anyone on the Internet, download new applications and backup and restore data. Games and applications, including CyLoader, are available for free download at

"Cybiko packs a tremendous amount of functionally into one device and is designed with expandability in mind," said Donald Wisniewski, President, Cybiko, Inc. "Our MP3 Player and Memory Expansion CyCards are the first of many accessories we plan to offer in the future."

MP3 CyCard

The MP3 CyCard will simultaneously play digital audio and games. It expands the capability of Cybiko for the latest in digital audio technology. The MP3 CyCard, which is powered by the devices rechargeable batteries, features a built-in recorder/microphone for voice messaging that can be wirelessly transmitted to other Cybikos so teens can pass voice messages or record reminders. Other features include a built-in FM radio, on board 2 MB flash memory, USB PC Connector that can be used for all Cybiko downloading activities, a flash memory slot for increased memory capacity, 30-minute play time of music or audio with a 32 MB flash card, prevention of sound skipping with semiconductor memory, file management and CD to MP3 converter software. The Cybiko MP3 CyCard comes with headphones and is SDMI (secure digital music recording) compliant. It will be available in September for a suggested retail price below $100.

Memory Expansion CyCards

Cybiko also is introducing two CyCards – a 1 MB card and a 2 MB card – that expand the memory capacity of the device and to allow users to store many more games, applications and messages. Flash Memory is increased three times with the 1 MB card and six times with the 2 MB. Both Memory Expansion

CyCards double the RAM Memory capacity of the device with 256K. Available in June, the 1 MB CyCard and 2 MB CyCard carry suggested retail prices of $19.99 and $29.99 respectively.

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