Kids Can Download Free Games And Applications, Play Interactive Multi-Player Games, Create Their Own Games With SDK And Post Them To Web And Chat Wirelessly With Friends

Company Offers One New Game Or Application Free Each Day At

Interactive multi-player gaming . . . a free software developer kit (SDK) . . . wireless chat . . . free games and applications from . . . email and Internet access via a link to a PC . . . practical applications including an organizer, address book, music omposer, graphics editor and more . . . all in one revolutionary device designed especially for tweens and teens.

Cybiko, Inc., a leading developer of hand-held electronic devices for the youth market, is introducing the first-ever digital, wireless, portable entertainment and communications system. The Cybiko system (patent pending) combines interactive gaming, instant messaging email and personal information manager (PIM) capabilities in an all-in-one device.

"We are thrilled to be the first to introduce a new high tech, wireless Internet appliance platform for the youth market," stated Donald Wisniewski,President, Cybiko, Inc. "The Internet and kids themselves are changing the rules

They want true interactivity, new ways to communicate, Internet access and they want mobility and connectivity. Our new Cybiko platform delivers on all counts with true wireless, interactive gaming through walls and ceilings, wireless chat for up to 999 people and the ability to take their email with them all packed in a portable, on-the-go device. And, with hundreds of free games and application downloads from, along with our commitment to provide a brand new game or application each day, this becomes one awesome product."

Available in four translucent colors, Cybiko has a full QWERTY keyboard with a stylus stored in the top of the unit to compose messages, LCD display,

1 MB memory (expandable to 16MB), a high frequency transmitter and Vibration Alert feature. The unit measures 5.7 x 2.8-inches and weighs under four ounces making it light, thin and small enough to carry in a book bag, purse or shirt pocket.

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