Developer One Launches New Applications for Pocket PC

Innovative Software Brings Even More to Windows-powered Pocket PC Experience

Developer One, Inc. today announces its release of a powerful collection of productivity enhancing applications for Windows-powered Pocket PCs. Developer One's software launch for the Pocket PC includes applications that speed data entry, organize data securely, and improve launching and management of applications. With titles like AccessPanel Platinum, CodeWallet, and TaskPro Navigator, Developer One brings its award-winning ease-of-use technology to Pocket PC users worldwide.

"We are excited to be a part of Microsoft's launch of the Pocket PC," said John Psuik, President of Developer One. "The Pocket PC brings powerful capabilities never before available in a PDA, and we're delivering the software solutions to help users transform their Pocket PC into an even more valuable tool."

"The Pocket PC is the most customizable PDA on the market today because of its ability to meet the individual requirements of a range of customer needs through add-on hardware and software," said Rogers Weed, director of marketing for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "We are excited that Developer One is taking advantage of this with its introduction of innovative software applications for Pocket PC users."

New Developer One titles for the Pocket PC include AccessPanel Platinum (instant data entry), CodeWallet (top-rated secure information management), PointList (flexible list organizer), PointStart Today (application launcher), RapidCalc (fast entry pop-up calculator), TaskPro Today and TaskPro Navigator (system management and application navigation) and ScreenSnap (screen image capture utility).

Developer One is committed to introducing more innovative titles to Pocket PC users throughout 2000 including educational and business centered solutions.

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