Diversinet Joins IBM, Compaq, HP, Motorola And Sun Microsystems As A Co-Founder Of The Mobile Management Forum

Diversinet Will Provide Leadership Role in Influencing Secure M-commerce

As part of their efforts to help promote industry-wide wireless security product interoperability, Diversinet Corp., (Nasdaq:DVNT)(CDN:DVNT.) today announced that it has joined the Open Group's Mobile Management Forum as a co-founder. The Mobile Management Forum is a group whose main objective is to accelerate the deployment of wireless data into the enterprise environment, by leveraging its vendor and user membership.

Membership in the Mobile Management Forum will enable Diversinet to work in concert with other group members to advance the use of security in m-commerce applications. In addition, Diversinet and other members will work closely to promote awareness of wireless security issues and advocate the use of PKI.

"As co-founder of the Mobile Management Forum, based on our 2-1/2 years experience in wireless security, Diversinet will provide a leadership role in influencing specific requirements of secure m-commerce," said Nagy Moustafa, President and CEO of Diversinet.

"One of the key areas to be tackled by the Mobile Management Forum is authorization. I am delighted that Diversinet, whose experience in simplifying Public Key Infrastructure and authorization will be invaluable, have chosen to be a Founder Member," said Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group. "The Mobile Management Forum is the place where the leading players and other organizations in the wireless and mobile world come together to drive convergence for the benefit of the end user."

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