Electronic Freight Exchange Introduces EFX MobileShip for Palm VII Handhelds

Wireless Transportation Management System Enables Wireless Shipping Management for B2B E-Logistics

Shipping and logistics managers on the go can now manage shipments anytime. Electronic Freight Exchange Corp. (EFX), today announced the availability of EFX MobileShip, a wireless transportation management application for the Palm(TM) VII handheld computer using the Palm.Net(TM) service. EFX MobileShip liberates logistics managers from proprietary carrier system terminals, allowing them to access shipments across multiple carriers in real-time through an easy-to-use wireless application.

Designed for highly mobile shipping managers, purchasing managers and sales personnel, EFX MobileShip is a wireless extension of EFXit!(TM), Electronic Freight Exchange's web-based transportation management system. Unlike proprietary wireless logistics management systems, currently offered by some carriers, EFX MobileShip is a robust, multi-modal system that supports a number of key functions including the ability to track shipments and EFXit! auctions, as well as obtain rate quotes from numerous carriers.

"B2B has enabled explosive growth in all industries, yet the integration of the transportation element has been missing," said Keith LaBotz, CEO and founder of Electronic Freight Exchange. "EFX MobileShip provides logistics managers with the ability to manage the shipping process in a wireless environment."

"Electronic Freight Exchange is addressing a key issue that has been missing from the B2B customer relationship management equation: integrating the transportation element into supply chain e-logistics," said Greg Runyan, senior analyst for Yankee Group. "EFX provides innovative and important tools for logistics managers to better manage their shipping needs."

EFX customers see tremendous value in the ability to manage their transportation needs remotely. "We coordinate hundreds of shipping orders from hardware vendors each day. We are a small business, so we can't afford to dedicate a manager to sit at a terminal all day to monitor the orders," states Don Welch, owner of Welch Business Systems, an affiliate and customer of Electronic Freight Exchange. "EFX MobileShip will be a great asset that will enable our staff to break free of their PCs and manage shipping without being stuck at their desk."


EFX MobileShip is free of charge. It will be available for download as a web clipping application via the Palm.Net web site, as well as on ZDNet and www.efxit.com.

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