ePhysician Joins Forces With Kaiser Permanente

e-Health Company to Bring Wireless, Handheld e-Health Technology to Mid-Atlantic Physicians

ePhysician(tm), the first e-health company to leverage wireless, secure, handheld technology and the Internet to improve the experience of practicing medicine and the quality of patient care, today announced a partnership with Kaiser Permanente; the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG) will make ePhysician's technology available to more than 40,000 patients in the Mid-Atlantic region.

MAPMG physicians at Kaiser Permanente's Woodbridge, Va. medical center will now have access to ePhysician's prescribing, scheduling, allergy, drug interaction, formulary and reference information. This program will pave the way for a comprehensive MAPMG installation of ePhysician's handheld prescribing technology.

Kaiser Permanente has a proven track record of incorporating technology into the managed care environment. With this program, MAPMG provides its physicians with state-of-the-art, handheld technology to enhance patient care and help decrease medication misinterpretation through handwriting illegibility, while also saving the patient time at the pharmacy.

"Patients and physicians alike are concerned with the quality and cost of medical care, and with prescription accuracy; ePhysician addresses all of these concerns," said Stuart Weisman, M.D., president and CEO of ePhysician. "ePhysician's partnership with Kaiser Permanente represents a commitment to provide outstanding, cost-effective care while expanding access to cutting edge technology."

ePhysician's technology is transforming the way healthcare professionals interact with their patients by helping reduce medical errors, guaranteeing secure transactions and saving patients' time at the pharmacy and lab. The goal of this partnership is to demonstrate that ePhysician can be easily adopted by hundreds of HMO physicians who perform thousands of clinical transactions.

"At Kaiser Permanente, we are always looking for ways to bring tomorrow's technology to our systems and services so we can enhance our patients' health care," said Carol Forster, M.D., executive director of pharmacy management for Kaiser Permanente. "The value that ePhysician's wireless, handheld technology brings us is a decrease in the time-consuming task of prescription clarification with pharmacists, thereby giving physicians more time to spend with patients."

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