Ericsson France and FinGO join forces to develop mobile Internet solutions dedicated to finance and e-brokerage services and to jointly prepare their evolution towards GPRS and UMTS.

These applications will offer access to personalised financial information, alerts, trading, and will be jointly developed by the two partners based on FinGO¹s technology. They will be tested on Ericsson France¹s network platforms on all types of terminals or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant). This offer is dedicated to on-line brokers and telecom operators who will be able to enhance their portal services with a mobile solution dedicated to finance. Ericsson also provides its technical consulting capabilities and its experimental networks for FinGO and its clients to migrate their application to the next generations : GPRS and UMTS.

³ As the global leader for mobile Internet, Ericsson France¹s goal is to push the development of applications that will use the new generation of mobile networks and to help its clientele of telecom operators to enhance their offering. This partnership with FinGO will allow us to actively participate in the creation of innovative services in one of the most promising market segments of mobile internet: finance², said Philippe Diez, Ericsson France¹s Vice president, Business development and Partnership.

³ Offering financial professionals a single solution for all platforms, thereby solving the issue of heterogeneous mobile Internet standards, is the basis of our competitive advantage. Our partnership with Ericsson France spells recognition from a global industry leader and ensures that we will be able to extend our technological edge to the next generation of mobile standards², said Frédéric Thuard, the CEO of FinGO.

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