Ericsson upgrades BellSouth's mobile networks for 3G and mobile Internet

Ericsson has replaced BellSouth Mobility's existing TDMA infrastructure successfully and on schedule in Nashville, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, LaFayette and Chattanooga. The five markets are the first of 17 in which Ericsson will provide and install switches, base stations, software, services and handsets to upgrade BellSouth with systems that are ready to migrate to Third Generation and mobile Internet. Changeouts are scheduled to continue at the rate of one per month throughout 2000.

In June 1999, Ericsson and BellSouth reached a $750 million agreement to modernize BellSouth's TDMA equipment in 17 cities throughout Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

"Ericsson and BellSouth agreed to an ambitious, aggressive schedule for modernizing BellSouth's wireless systems and preparing them for Third Generation," said Angel Ruiz, Vice President and General Manager, Ericsson Inc. "Our dedication to meeting that schedule reflects how important it is to Ericsson to help BellSouth continue to provide its customers with the most advanced telecommunications and datacom solutions."

There are currently more than 115 million subscribers using TDMA/AMPS mobile networks - in over 100 countries worldwide. More than 36 million of these subscribers in 38 countries are already using TDMA digital services. Ericsson connects over 50 percent of all TDMA subscribers worldwide. EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) is designed for migration from existing TDMA and GSM networks, enabling operators to offer multimedia and other IP-based services at 3G speeds in wide area networks globally. During 1999, EDGE was approved as an IMT-2000 standard for 3G by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

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