GoAmerica and Certicom Team to Increase Security for Wireless Communications

Certicom's Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) to Ensure Secure Communications for Wireless Access to Enterprise Data and M-Commerce Transactions Over GoAmerica's Wide Range of Devices and Networks

Certicom (Nasdaq:CERT) (TSE:CIC), a leading provider of m-commerce security, and GoAmerica, Inc. (Nasdaq:GOAM), a leading provider of nationwide wireless Internet and wireless data communications services, today announced an alliance which will enable GoAmerica to add Certicom's elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) security technology to its wireless services.

The agreement will allow GoAmerica to deliver its wireless solutions with an additional layer of security using Certicom technology, empowering clients to use mobile devices with maximum speed, privacy and authentication for personal and corporate transactions.

"Certicom's leading technology is certainly a critical element in providing an additional layer of wireless security required by corporations and financial institutions," said Aaron Dobrinsky, president of GoAmerica, "combined with the GoAmerica Go.Web technology, corporate and commercial developers can now quickly, easily and affordably provide wireless applications with enhanced security for businesses and mobile professionals."

GoAmerica allows businesses and individuals to access the Internet, their corporate intranets and POP3 email using a wide range of wireless devices on a variety of nationwide wireless networks. GoAmerica's proprietary Go.Web technology optimizes wireless data communications by adding compression, security and content customization prior to transmission.

Certicom's high performance ECC technology provides the added security layer needed to ensure secure real-time wireless communications and transactions. Unique to Certicom's security offering is the ability to provide digital signature capability on the mobile device itself, which assures that the communication is authentic and secure. With the proliferation of wireless devices in today's economy, the need for client authentication becomes critical for the elimination of Internet fraud and identity theft.

"GoAmerica is providing today's wireless generation with new choices for instant access capability," said Rick Dalmazzi, president and CEO of Certicom Corp. "Our developments will couple two leading-edge technologies -- ECC security and GoAmerica's wireless Internet and communications solutions to extend the possibilities of electronic and mobile commerce."

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