GoAmerica and Research In Motion to Offer Go.Web Wireless Browser with BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds

Wireless Internet Service and Wireless Email Solution Deliver Powerful Combination

GoAmerica, Inc. (Nasdaq:GOAM) and Research In Motion Limited (Nasdaq:RIMM) (TSE:RIM) today announced an agreement to offer Go.Web(TM), the flagship wireless Internet technology from GoAmerica, as a pre-loaded application with the award-winning BlackBerry(TM) wireless email solution.

The Go.Web service allows wireless access to customizable Internet content including business and financial news, sports, weather, stock and travel updates, as well as other information important to mobile professionals. BlackBerry is an end-to-end wireless email solution that includes powerful wireless handhelds with integrated email and organizer software, PC docking cradle, innovative desktop and server software, single mailbox integration and nationwide airtime. As part of the agreement, BlackBerry will incorporate the Go.Web browser as a pre-loaded application on the new RIM 950(TM) (pager-size) and RIM 957(TM) (palm-size) wireless handhelds allowing customers to easily subscribe to the Go.Web service.

"By packaging Go.Web with BlackBerry, we are offering customers a single source for wireless Internet and email access and simplifying the buying process," said Joe Korb, executive vice president of GoAmerica. "Providing Go.Web access with the family of BlackBerry handhelds expands our already extensive relationship with one of the leading mobile device manufacturers."

"The Go.Web technology enables wireless Internet access and complements RIM's existing offerings, providing access to Internet content that our customers desire," said David Werezak, vice president of marketing at Research In Motion. "By allowing easy access to the Internet through Go.Web, BlackBerry customers maximize their productivity and connectivity while away from the home or office."

BlackBerry customers will be able to activate the Go.Web service through GoAmerica, and all billing and customer support will be handled by GoAmerica.

Go.Web service pricing for BlackBerry customers will be $9.95 per month for 25 KB of service or $19.95 per month for unlimited service. For more information about Go.Web, contact GoAmerica at 888/462-4600 or visit www.goamerica.net or www.blackberry.net.

The agreement is based on the exchange of cash payment and issuance of warrants by GoAmerica to Research In Motion.

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