GoAmerica To Offer Wireless Capability and Go.Web for Handspring Visor

Users Will Gain Wireless Internet Connections Across Multiple Networks

GoAmerica, Inc. (Nasdaq:GOAM), a nationwide wireless Internet service provider, today announced it will provide wireless Internet access for the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM) handheld computer.

GoAmerica's Go.Web(TM) service for the Handspring Visor will allow individuals and businesses wireless access to POP3 email, the Internet and their corporate intranet using multiple nationwide wireless data networks. Go.Web's proprietary technology will optimize wireless data for the Visor to provide a full, non-clipped Internet experience. Go.Web for the Visor will also support Microsoft(R) Word attachments that can be reviewed and edited on the device. In addition, users will be able to customize Go.Web to suit their individual needs.

The Visor is the expandable handheld computer that runs on the popular Palm(TM) operating system. The Visor looks and works much like Palm computers, but with an important difference: the Visor features an expansion slot on the back of the unit, allowing the user to swap different modules to perform different functions like games and one-way paging. This slot, called Springboard(TM), effectively allows the user to turn the Visor into a different machine altogether. With the availability of GoAmerica's wireless Internet module and the Go.Web technology, the Visor will become a wireless, handheld connection to the Internet.

"The Handspring Visor is growing rapidly as a powerful alternative to the Palm family of devices," said Joe Korb, executive vice president of GoAmerica, Inc. "GoAmerica's support of the Visor demonstrates our commitment to allowing the user to choose the device he or she prefers."

In the United States alone, the number of wireless device users with access to Internet messaging and information services will grow 728% from 7.4 million in 1999 to 61.5 million in 2003, according to International Data Corporation, a research analysis firm based in Framingham, Mass.

Go.Web and the wireless module for the Visor are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2000. GoAmerica plans to demonstrate Go.Web for the Visor at PC EXPO booth 2154, June 27-29, 2000 in New York City.

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