Guinness Telli-Phone Brings Directory to Wireless Web

Consumers Will Now Have Access to All Telli Directory Content Right On Their Web Enabled Cellular Phone or Palm Top Device

Lawrence Guinness, president & chief executive officer of Guinness Telli-Phone Corp. (OTCBB:TELI), a leader in the field of Information Appliance Technology, today announced that the company will make its uniquely indexed directory available on wireless devices.

The information rich but graphically simple text of the Telli Marin directory is ideal for use on cell phones and palm-top devices. Using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Guinness Telli-Phone will be able to port its system to wireless networks with ease.

The wireless version of Telli Marin will deliver all of the display features of the dial-up version: arts and entertainment listings, business directories, community updates, and classified advertisements.

"We are very excited to bring our service to so many new Telli users. By moving on to palm tops and cell phones Telli becomes a local directory with an international reach. We have extended our service beyond Marin to everyone who has an interest in doing business here," said Lawrence Guinness.

The Telli directory is already being tested on cellular phones in Marin County, Calif. Within the week, Telli Marin will be available over the Wireless Web to Sprint PCS users anywhere at the URL (users simply need to type in "tellipages"), and on all other cellular carriers shortly thereafter.

The company is also working to port the Telli Marin system onto palm top devices. Using Palm Computing's Web Clipping Application, Guinness is in the process of preparing its data for transfer into the correct formats.

By making its proprietary product available to consumers via Web enabled cellular devices, Guinness Telli-Phone is effectively bringing its product to market early and under budget, which means that revenues will also arrive earlier than expected.

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