HP Opens Mobile E-services Bazaar in Asia Pacific

Mobile E-services to be Marketed Globally

Hewlett-Packard Company today opened its Singapore Mobile E-services Bazaar (MEB) with strong applications from the pool of 100+ local and international partners that have signed up for the global MEB program since its launch last October. The Singapore MEB serves as the regional hub for mobile e-service activities and mobile application development.

The Singapore MEB, which provides incubation facilities for companies developing mobile e-services and applications based on standards such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and e-speak, acts as a strategic gateway through which mobile applications developed in the Asia Pacific region can be leveraged and extended to the international market. The Singapore MEB encourages technology transfer and information sharing among MEB partners across the world through special-interest groups and an online trading community, the Mobile E-services CyberBazaar (http://www.mobile-bazaar.com). In addition, partner companies have the ability to view and test the latest mobile devices and solutions before they are commercially available, as well as benefit from technical, business, marketing and sales support provided by HP and its technology partners.

"We see the opening of the Singapore Mobile E-services Bazaar as a very important milestone for the MEB program," said Lawrence Sellin, director of worldwide operations for HP's Mobile E-Services Bazaar. "Singapore is the hub for mobile e-services activity in the region, and this is why we chose to open our second physical site here. We are excited to see so many local companies joining our global program."

The Singapore MEB also will give its members the opportunity to extend and enhance their solution offerings using HP's e-speak -- the universal language of e-services. E-speak and WAP are key enablers for the emerging mobile e-services economy, a world characterized by the mass proliferation of inter-connected e-services.

"We're capitalizing on the immediate market opportunities presented by mobile technologies such as WAP and GPRS," said Cheah Kean Huat, managing director, HP South Asia. "But our long-term plan is to create a new differentiator for HP and our partners through the use of e-speak. By offering mobile e-services that leverage e-speak, our partners can create a whole new dimension of proactive and dynamic transaction-based services for their customers and users. WAP will provide the wireless delivery platform, but it will be e-speak that performs the critical functions to enable intelligent e-services."

Ready-to-run Applications

Mobile e-services development work has yielded results for three companies that are now looking to MEB to launch their leading-edge applications in Singapore and throughout world.

Kungfu Boy (www.kungfuboy.com) is the latest Web-based online

     multi-user game from davidcan.com and the first Web-based game
     for PCs, Macs or WAP-compatible phones that uses Japan's EZACCESS
     and EZWEB services and Singapore's MobileOne Asia and Starhub's
     WAP services. Davidcan.com will tap expertise and resources in
     the MEB to market Kungfu Boy in Taiwan and Japan later this year.

--  InTouch -- WAPinTouch

    WAPinTouch is the first commercial WAP service in Indonesia. It
     is a mobile portal to various contents and services from local
     and global content providers. WAPinTouch is currently providing
     content such as Wireless YellowPages from Infomedia Nusantara,
     Dictionary from Elexmedia, sports results from Bola Tabloid,
     financial information from Bridge and movie information from
     Group 21. Currently being incubated as part of the MEB program,
     the company plans to offer similar services in Singapore soon.

--  Wapband -- "Feng Shui" or Geomancy Calculator

    This WAP-enabled service uses the ancient art of geomancy to help
     users harness positive energy from their environment to aid in
     enhancing relationships, luck, romance, success, and so on.
     Through the MEB, wapband.com will develop an array of services
     and value-added applications based on the HP platform.

The MEB is also collaborating with leading phone manufacturers, including Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia, to provide the latest handsets and mobile devices for its developers.

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