infolio Makes the ``Mobilized'' Internet a Reality With Its Innovative Mobilization Engine

Patented Technology Extends Internet Activity to Include Offline Time

infolio Inc., an Internet infrastructure technology and services company, today officially launched with the mission of providing next-generation mobilized Internet capabilities to its customers, which include Internet portals, content and commerce providers, and device OEMs.

Employing infolio's innovative Mobilization Engine(TM), content providers and portals can structure information that is frequently used by their subscribers into mobilized content. That content can then be cached onto various devices with different connectivity speeds, ranging from broadband to zero. Information mobilized by infolio is automatically presented in a format suitable for devices from PCs and laptops to the latest information appliances such as PDAs and WAP-enabled phones.

infolio's Mobilization Engine processes, packages, delivers, and caches content in any personalized mix to multiple devices with varying connection and speed. This allows infolio customers to truly mobilize their content and services, taking full advantage of the proliferation of mobile information appliances and wireless devices. Adopters of the infolio mobilization service can now reach the increasing number of users who spend most of their time away from a constant Internet connection, yet desire the freedom to have information available to them at any moment. With mobilization, customers can expand and extend actual Internet usage by delivering content that supports user interaction in both online and offline modes.

Subscribers will be able to personalize the types of Internet information they most frequently use and have the content delivered to them on the device or devices they choose. Through infolio's Dynamic Bandwidth Management(TM) and Universal Device Recognition(TM) technologies, the infolio Mobilization Engine automatically detects the type of device being used and the bandwidth employed to access the service, and correspondingly delivers a "right-sized" content feed packaged in Pocklets(TM). infolio's patented Pocklet technology is an innovative way of packaging content and applications to be cached onto mobile devices for immediate online or later offline use.

"infolio's Mobilization Engine will give our business customers a leading edge by staying connected to their users at all times, even when their users are without a physical connection," said John Zhao, infolio's president and CEO.

The infolio solution has already been adopted by device manufacturers as a next-generation feature on their Internet-enabled product lines. Potential business customers and their end users can sample the new "mobilized" content by visiting The company currently provides free downloadable client software for Win32 devices. Support for Palm OS, Windows CE/Pocket PC devices, and WAP-enabled wireless devices will be provided by infolio and its development partners in the near future.

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