Jato Taps Mobilize, Inc. to Optimize Mobile Worker Productivity

Exciting, new partnerships expand Mobilize's portfolio of mobility solutions.

At the Wireless Agenda 2000 trade show today, Mobilize, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions, announced that Jato Communications will use Mobilize's ground-breaking Mobile Access Portal(TM) (MAP) and suite of "snap-in" mobility applications to help their field-based sales and service staffs work more productively and efficiently. Mobilize also announced the establishment of several other customer relationships and new strategic partnerships which will enhance their comprehensive product offering.

"Jato continues to look for key differentiators," said Keith Bennett, President of Direct Markets, Jato Communications, a high-speed Internet and office-to-office connectivity provider. "But what separates Mobilize from the crowded field is its five-year history of providing highly-targeted, highly-effective solutions for mobile workers."

Bob Pinna, CEO of Mobilize, comments: "Right now, the industry is focused on wireless, devices and infrastructure. We believe that's dead wrong. Our focus is on mobility, people and applications. Our relationship with Jato proves that they `get' mobility and how it can revolutionize their business."

MAP(TM) and Mapplets(TM) Bridge the "Mobility Gap"

According to GartnerGroup, there are more than 60 million employees worldwide working outside of traditional office settings today. That number will grow to 108 million by 2002. Corporate IS organizations are challenged with providing these mobile workers access to corporate resources so they can work as productively on the road as they can in the corporate office.

Mobilize designed the Mobile Access Portal (MAP) to address this exact mobility challenge. MAP provides a two-way bridge between corporate information systems and mobile workers that 1) fits seamlessly with existing IS/IT infrastructure; 2) interfaces with a broad array of mobile devices; and 3) gives the IS/IT organization the ability to centrally manage all mobile devices and the business applications deployed on them.

"Our business customers are asking for mobility-enabled applications that can be accessed by field personnel from multiple devices using a combination of cellular wireless, wireless LAN and synchronization technologies," said Pinna. "And our technical customers want fast, pain-free application and data integration. The MAP platform meets both needs."

Said Bennett of Jato Communications, "Other vendors provide wireless technology but leave it up to the customer to enter into long, expensive, custom development projects. Mobilize's `out of the box' solution addresses the information needs of my mobile sales force now, ahead of the competition and when customer demand is at its peak.

More importantly, Mobilize also provides a complete suite of mobility applications, or mapplets(TM), that snap in to the MAP platform and allow mobile workers to handle mission critical tasks as easily in the field as they can in the corporate office. Mobilize mapplets include:

         --Executive Reporter: gives traveling executives an
            always-available, real-time view of financial data, with
            customizable organization by product line, sales force,
            geography and/or reporting period.

         --Field Commerce: increases productivity and shortens the
            sales cycle by making it easy for field sales reps to
            browse catalogs, configure products, and place orders at
            the point of contact with customers.

         --Online Meeting Manager: helps control travel costs by
            allowing parties in multiple locations to hold an online
            working session, with shared real-time information.

         --Presentation Manager: can reduce meeting preparation time
            by up to 50 percent with a complete, PowerPoint-compatible
            system for assembling, customizing and delivering
            corporate-approved slides in person or over the Web.

         --Literature Distributor: supports field sales by providing
            on-demand electronic, fax, and hard copy fulfillment of
            product literature and other materials.

         --Training and Certification: reduces "downtime" by
            mobilizing coursework, testing and career development so
            mobile workers don't have to come out of the field.

Mobility partners increase core capabilities with task-specific

Technologies offered by Mobilize's partners, including PlaceWare, Inc., Saqqara Systems, and E-Distributions.net, further enhance the functionality of mapplets. For instance, PlaceWare's online meeting service integrates with the Presentation Manager mapplet and provides the underlying Web conferencing technology that enables Mobilize's Online Meeting Manager mapplet. PlaceWare's live, Web-based collaboration solutions are a perfect complement to Mobilize's task specific applications; together, they can save companies tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

Mobilize's Field Commerce mapplet will put Saqqara's B2B e-commerce catalog into the hands of mobile workers. This partnership brings together Saqqara's award-winning B2B e-commerce solution with the premier mobility offering.

Mobilize will link E-Distributions.net's print fulfillment operation into its Literature Distributor mapplet. The ability to order print materials from the field for immediate fulfillment will allow mobile sales people to capitalize on customer interest when it's at its peak and close more sales.

Additionally, Mobilize has partnered with New Era of Networks, Inc. (NEON), a developer and marketer of e-Business integration software, and Sierra Wireless, a leading wireless data communications hardware and software provider.

"These partnerships allow us to offer truly end-to-end mobility solutions and rapid, seamless systems integration," said Pinna. "The bottom line for companies with mobile workers is increased revenues, lower transactional costs and increased speed of doing business."

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