Kuulalaakeri Ltd. launches a software for SMS traffic

Kuulalaakeri Ltd, specialising in digital media, has introduced a novel software for transferring SMS messages. The SMS Gateway software can be used, for instance, for the purposes of news services, alarms, weather and traffic info and loyal customer services.

The software is independent of mobile phone operators and enables transferring SMS text messages between the service provider system and a GSM mobile phone. This is the first bi-directional software for SMS transferring developed in Scandinavia. SMS Gateway is suitable for implementing one-directional and bi-directional services, i.e. either from the information system to a GSM phone or vice versa, or from a GSM phone back to the phone via the information system.

The link to the SMS center of the mobile phone operator is established through the Internet. Using one software, all the message centers can be reached using the IP network (Internet Protocol). The benefits of the SMS Gateway platform include easy and fast implementation of services.

"Our strategy involves investing strongly in developing software for the telecommunications sector. SMS Gateway is the first child in the future family of mobile technology products”, says Tim Olin, CEO of Kuulalaakeri.

Content services become rapidly more diverse

The software package is easy to use. Providing added-value services with good focusing is both fast and easy. SMS Gateway builds an efficient and cost-effective channel between content provider and the recipient. The software can be used e.g. for email, news service and result service traffic, or in connection with invoicing, advertising and services based on location data.

"Different kinds of content services become rapidly more popular and more diverse. We now have access to only a fraction of the content services that mobile communication will be able to offer during the years to come. It is only our imagination that sets the boundaries for content demand", Mr Olin ponders.

For instance the dominant fast food chain in Finland (Hesburger) and betting service (Vetovihje16366.fi) are current SMS Gateway clients for Kuulalaakeri.

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