Leisureplanet.com Advances Web and Wireless Distribution With Vodacom World Online in South Africa

leisureplanet.com, a leading international leisure travel e-commerce company today advanced its strategy to distribute its services on multiple platforms. leisureplanet.com and Vodacom World Online will deliver localised leisure travel services to World Online's customers on www.worldonline.co.za and through Vodacom World Online's wireless portal. Through this new alliance, leisureplanet.com becomes the premier online travel services provider for World Online in South Africa.

leisureplanet.com is building its global, multiplatform distribution strategy through the creation of alliances with leading ISPs, portals and Internet media companies and localising its distribution program by working with websites and portals prominent in each of its target markets. Currently, leisureplanet.com's delivery platforms include PC, wireless devices and infophones in public places. The availability of leisureplanet.com's travel services to Vodacom World Online's five million subscribers further advances the company's distribution objective as more and more convert to using WAP phones.

leisureplanet.com's travel services will be distributed to Vodacom World Online's customers on their mobile phones and other cellular Internet devices. Customers will be able to search for flights, check arrival times and receive real time flight information. leisureplanet.com will also offer the possibility of making flight bookings through a combination of WAP and local call centre services.

Pierre Kleinhans, chief executive officer of leisureplanet.com, said, "leisureplanet.com continues to move forward in fulfilling its distribution objective by providing localised online leisure travel to its target markets on multiple platforms. Leisureplanet.com now brings it services to mobile phone users, providing real time flight information and reservation capabilities to travellers wherever they are in South Africa."

Nicholas Dawes, Business Development Manager of Vodacom World Online said, "World Online is very pleased to be able to partner with a company of the caliber of leisureplanet.com. Users of our WAP portal need access to up-to-date information and functionality. leisureplanet.com combines the ability to book flights, look up flight schedules and track flight arrivals, departures, and other important flight status information to create a powerful mobile offering that we believe will lead the market in wireless travel services."

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