Lucent Provides Wireless Internet Capabilities to Telesp Celular

With this technology, wireless customers in Sao Paulo, Brazil can access e-mail, the Internet using web-enabled "smart" handsets

Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU), a global leader in wireless infrastructure, today announced that it has provided wireless Internet capabilities to Telesp Celular, enabling it to offer its customers to access e-mail and the Internet through web-enabled handsets.

Telesp Celular's network, covering the entire state of Sao Paulo, is the largest wireless service provider in Brazil with more than 3.2 million subscribers. Telesp Celular's network is based on Lucent's market-leading code division multiple access (CDMA) network infrastructure. The networks is compatible with next-generation CDMA technology, with a built-in capability of offering wireless Internet access at rates up to 144 kilobits per second -- ten times those available today.

Lucent Technologies, the leading provider of network infrastructure for Telesp Celular's network, was responsible for coordinating the installation and launch of the new wireless Internet service.

"Lucent is clearly demonstrating its leadership in delivering the wireless Internet to network operators and their customers throughout Latin America and the world," said Carlos Rivera, Lucent's Wireless Networks Vice President for the Caribbean and Latin America. "Mobility and access to Internet are priorities for today's consumers, and Lucent is helping its customers bring the next generation wireless Internet to market."

Using web-enabled "smart" handsets, Telesp Celular subscribers now have one-touch, wireless access to a continually updated array of Internet content. With service, customers with special "microbrowser"-equipped phones are able to retrieve and answer e-mail from their handsets, access Internet information sources and e-commerce sites, and view dynamic content from multiple local-language portal sites.

Wireless use continues to grow at a pace exceeding 20 percent annually, with more than 100 million business and individual users mobile phone users in the Americas alone. Most new handsets contain microbrowsers, which allow users to interact with remote Internet sources and applications, and view simple graphics. This year, manufacturers expect to ship more than 10 million new phones that will support mobile Internet applications.

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